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Guided Actuators

Guided cylinders utilize guide rods mounted parallel to the piston rod to provide stable, non-rotating, high side load performance. SMC offers dual rod, heavy-duty, and precision, actuator models. Like rodless cylinders, SMC guide rod cylinders reduce rod bending, piston bending, and uneven seal wear. Low profile guided actuator series are available for restrictive space limitations.

Actuators that feature guide rods are an excellent option for those who need pneumatic actuators that can stay along a particular path in order to perform a constant task the same way repeatedly. In a number of manufacturing workflows, engineers expect no deviation from a specific standard when making parts.

Imagine if your company’s CNC machinery was allowed to produce different components each time it cycled through a cutting pattern. More than likely, you wouldn’t want to deploy a system like this. You couldn’t trust that components would be cut the right way since you’d come out with something different each time.

You wouldn’t want to do that with pneumatic gear either. Take a look at all of the following options and see if you can’t come with countless ways to incorporate them into your current compressed air-driven equipment layout.

Dual Piston Rod Designs

As the name suggests, dual-piston rod actuators feature a pair of specialty rods that ensure accurate timing each time. This is good news for those who have to deal with various types of vibrations and other forces caused by the motion of other pieces of equipment. Consider the CXSJ series that Orange Coast Pneumatics stocks, for instance.

These pieces are lighter and stronger than the traditional CXS modules that you’re more than likely already used to. However, their precise ball bushing bearing design ensures stability in terms of travel resistance as long as you’re operating them within specifications.

Technicians always recommend that you install parts within spec, and of course, this is necessary to maintain a minimum level of safety. However, you can trust that the CXSJ parts are going to be able to handle most manufacturing workflows without falling out of the standard numbers put forward by its spec sheet.

Perhaps most importantly, the non-rotational accuracy of this particular module is around 0.1°, which is a good deal better than more other similar components. That means you shouldn’t have too much difficulty fitting it into your current installation even if you’re dealing with something that has to remain in a specific position while being acted upon by an actuating component.

Heavy Duty Guide Rods

When it comes to industrial uses of pneumatic equipment, perhaps nothing is quite as important to managers as their ability to take on the hardest jobs. You’ll want something that’s capable of standing up to a fair amount of usage if you plan on working with this kind of equipment in your own organization.

Heavy-duty guide rods are designed to stand up to additional forces caused by added pressure and weight, which is extremely important when working with harder parts that offer an additional level of tensile strength. These parts can of course bend anything working against them, so you want a machine that won’t suffer any damage when processing against this type of material.

At the same time, some people may find that corrosive or otherwise harmful elements in their work environment are hard on the equipment they use. In that case, you’ll also want to look at the gear that boasts an external shaft so you can be sure that every single stroke is done correctly no matter what sort of internal or external forces might in some way interfere with your manufacturing processes.

Precision Guide Rods

As you might have imagined, an overwhelming majority of those who select guided actuators are concerned about precision. Therefore, it might seem surprising that a whole independent category exists in regards to precision components. After all, it could be said that all of these components are precise by definition.

Some technicians might have more extreme needs, however, and MTS modules are for them. Traditional cylinders tend to hold position to somewhere within maybe ½° or so. They also tend to exhibit inherent sealing issues, which is a serious problem when dealing with parts that are on a smaller scale than are normally seen.

MTS modules can be mounted from four different machined faces, and you’ll see parallelism of less than a tenth of a single millimeter, so you won’t have to worry about that much in the way of unwanted motion.

On top of this, a special sealed rod design limits leakage. Many engineers have opined that the amount of leakage they’ve personally observed is around that of around piston rod seal if not a shade better.

Some people have even opted to install an end lock, which retains the device’s retracted state even if you were to suddenly lose air pressure. That greatly improves the level of safety you experience simply by working with one, so it’s quickly becoming a popular choice for those in the various industries that make use of these components.

Compact & Narrow Width Slide Tables

When it comes to header space, quite a few workshops lack nearly enough to get their particular job done. In other cases, you might be dealing with some sort of moving or traveling layout that could be positioned in a vehicle. You might also find that you’ve reduced the amount of usable space just by reclaiming an area above your installation.

In any of these cases, you’ll want to invest in low profile equipment.that can squeeze into these spaces while still executing perfect pneumatic actuation strokes each time they cycle through. Those who are concerned about a potential loss of power as a result of cycling through the action shouldn’t have much to worry about, since these parts are designed to continue to work in an identical fashion repeatedly.

Best of all, you’ll be able to find all of these parts from a trusted supplier that has what it takes to match your current specifications and dimensions with the right kind of cylinder for the job.

Find Guided Actuators that Fit Your Organization’s Requirements At Orange Coast Pneumatics

By this point, you might have come up with a series of devices that you’ve felt would drastically improve operations in your own place of business. If that’s the case, then don’t wait.

Contact Orange Coast Pneumatics online today and let us know more about your company’s specific needs. We’ll be sure to hook you up with guided actuators and any other pneumatic components that you need to get ahead in the manufacturing, processing, and whatever fields you might be working with.

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