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Air Blow Guns

There’s a strong possibility that you have equipment that could use a good cleaning off. However, you might not be sure how to do it. Perhaps using water is inadvisable because of the power source of said device. Air blow guns can help with that.

Using canned gas dusters is potentially bad for the environment and it can get expensive very quickly. That’s where air blow guns come in. These connect to the air hoses and the compressor that you already have. They simply harness the same sort of compressed air that powers all of your other pieces of pneumatic equipment.

Blow guns have a large effective area without a nozzle. Piping direction is optional from the top or bottom. Individual operators can select whatever seems convenient at the time.

As with any pneumatic component, there are any number of options to pick from. A few standard styles are available, however. You should find a blow gun that works for you.

Air Blow Gun Technologies

Air blow guns could be used to virtually eliminate damaging dirt or grime. They can clean any sort of automotive component or machine part. This makes them particularly attractive to manufacturers who often find themselves working with used pieces of gear that need to be reprocessed before its safe to use them in a place of business again.

Take an internal combustion engine for instance. If you were sending out trucks that regularly needed a high degree of maintenance, they might need to have grime removed. Doing this with water or any sort of cleanser could be potentially dangerous.

That being said, other industries besides heavy manufacturing make use of this technology. People in the computer industry have used air blow guns for a long time. They clear out impeller motors that are clogged with dirt.

Every piece of IT-related equipment that has a fan on it for cooling purposes will eventually suck in some kind of debris unless it is continuously operated in a clean room. Naturally, nobody uses their machines this way, so in a real world environment there’s a high probability that any given computer will eventually become full up with dust and dirt.

Someone working on case modifications or repairs will have to figure out some way of removing the built up material. In order to do so, a technician could reach for an air blow gun attached to a compressor in order to brush all of this material off without putting any of the delicate circuitry in harm’s way.

Consider the example of a smaller factory or workshop that does any kind of cutting or shaping work. While this might not be the height of heavy industry, it can certainly produce quite a lot of metal shavings. Swarf is a serious issue in any organization that sharpens tools.

Since this small debris can work its way into tiny crevices, it can be hard to take care of. Air blow guns give your staffers a way to safely remove it. They won’t have to work with any potentially dangerous chemicals when they use this kind of equipment. For that matter, they won’t have to work with anything that isn’t simple compressed air that doesn’t present any real hazard beyond the kind of precautions you’d take with all pneumatic gear.

Best of all, these work with normal pneumatic fittings.

Installing & Configuring Air Blow Guns

You might be used to planning out installation of any new machine tool that your organization purchases. In some cases, it could take several days before you’re really ready to get up and going with it. Air blow guns are nothing like this, however.

These consist of nothing more than a part that’s little more than a single module. That constitutes a head on the end of a hose. If you’ve ever used an airbrushing kit, then this attaches in much the same way and works on the same principle. You won’t have any paint in the mix, but the concept is the same.

Those who have experience using traditional consumer-grade garden hoses might want to think of putting a sprayer head on the end of the hose as another similar activity. You simply screw the head to the top of the hose, use it and then remove it for storage later.

Of course, an air blow gun relies purely on compressed air. Thus you won’t even have to worry about drying it off. There’s no real fluid coming out of it.

If your compressed air does continuously contain moisture or undesirable suspension, then you might want to seriously consider a chiller or other module. One like a thermo dryer is designed to help solve this problem.

Installing this kind of component can help with many different types of workflows. Using this equipment alongside an air blow gun can help to dramatically improve your workshop’s overall cleanliness. Many workflows are dramatically impacted by the presence of any kind of fine particulate matter or debris. This is why this is likely an extremely important issue

Think about all of the various workflows that one of these heads could help you manage. Chances are pretty high that there are a number of them. Once you know, you’ll want to find the equipment that you need most.

Consider for a moment just how many components you need. It can be hard to judge what pieces are going to be important in the future, so you might want to order just a few extras to be safe. Having some spares in your collection can help you scale your pneumatic operations to the rest of your business’ activities.

Put Together A Set of Pneumatic Blower Tools With Orange Coast Pneumatics

These devices have quickly become highly sought after by people in almost every industrial and technical segment. As a result, Orange Coast Pneumatics has ensured that we have a supply of them that should meet the needs of even the most discerning specialists. See if a pistol grip or other designs work for you.
Do you feel ready to learn more about the benefits of all of these different types of components? Make sure to contact OC Pneumatics online. Our friendly team of experienced representatives will do their best to help you get the information that you need to make a good solid purchasing decision when it comes time to order a few new pieces of compressed air-driven gear.

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