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ZSE20B(F)-L, Pressure Sensor, IO-Link Compatible

The ZSE20B(F) series is a high-precisiion digital vacuum or compound pressure switch supporting the IO-Link communication protocol..  When paired with an IO-Link master, measured values and settings can be accessed from the HMI screen of the PLC.  ZSE20B(F)-L incorporates IO-Link version 1.1 and COM2 speed.  16-bit process data includes 2 switch outputs, a diagnosis bit, and 13 bits for measured pressure value.  Additional standard features include an IP65 protection rating, and 3 manual setting buttons.  Settings and measured values are visible at the device on a 3-screen, 3-color display.  The main screen shows the current measured value in red or green, while two sub-screens can display the setting label and its numeric value in orange.  Delay time for the switch output can be as brief as 1.5 ms, while current consumption is held to 35 mA or less.

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