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Rodless Actuators

Have you ever tried to design a compressed air-driven installation only to find that your current set of valves and cylinders just isn’t right for what you’re trying to do? While that might seem like a difficult problem to surmount, it doesn’t have to be. There are countless different types on the market that can help you deploy a functioning system faster than you ever thought possible. One such example is rodless cylinders and actuators.

Depending on the exact type of pneumatic equipment that you’re invested in, you might need to find a different class of actuator than you’ve worked with before. You may want to consider rodless technologies if you’ve been having some difficulty with pegging down the exact type of technology you want to work with during operations.

Rodless cylinders differ from a basic air cylinder in that no piston rod extends outside the cylinder body. Instead, the internal piston is connected to an external carriage, by means of a magnetic or mechanical coupling system.

Our rodless cylinders are ideal for long stroke applications because they are unaffected by rod overhang, bending, piston binding, and uneven seal wear, and for use in confined areas where space is a premium. Both magnetically coupled and jointed systems are offered by the manufacturer, so you should have a pretty even choice when it comes time to do the actual work of installation.

Coupled & Jointed Rodless Cylinders

In a basic air cylinder, there’s a discrete piston rod that extends along the outside of the cylinder body itself. In a rodless cylinder that features a magnetic coupling, there’s an internal piston that’s connected to a carriage outside of the device. This kind of design is ideal for a long stroke application because they’re not going to run into problems like bending. The piston isn’t going to bind up and the seals aren’t going to wear out unevenly.

Perhaps most importantly, they’re not going to be affected by problems like rod overhang. This is a major issue that’s impacted many engineers who’ve attempted to put in fairly complex installations only to run into issues related to the amount of header space they have. When you work with rodless cylinders, this isn’t as much of a concern so you won’t have to redesign your physical mounting assembly around them.

You have quite a choice when it comes to designs that follow this pattern, as well. Consider the CY3R type, which offers users a directly mounted automatic switch rail. it’s an excellent example of the kind of features you could expect from this kind of technology.

Pieces that offer mechanical joining differ from basic air cylinders in much the same fashion. Since they too have no external rods, they’re immune to many of the same problems that those with magnetic couplers have solved. Technicians who are designing their own compressed air-driven solutions will have both options available to them when they start the planning stage. Since they’re offered with a number of standard pneumatic connectors, that means that they’re also going to work with many of the components that your firm has already invested in.

While this is quite possibly a good opportunity to do some retooling, you won’t have to change anything around if your current installation continues to serve you well. Simply install rodless cylinders that boast NPT or G type ports and you’ll be able to use them with the same gear that you’ve always worked with.

There are even options for those who have niche requirements and wouldn’t be able to rely on any other kind of part to get the job done.

Rodless Actuators For Niche Operations

Semiconductor manufacturers and even fabless companies that have to ensure cleanroom conditions can turn to the 12-CY3B cylinder to help them in their quest for a truly clean and efficient manufacturing workflow. Many people already prefer to deploy pneumatic gear in clean rooms, since compressed air isn’t going to significantly change the interior content of an otherwise purified laboratory environment.

These magnetically coupled cylinders rely on a set of industrial style magnets that are strategically positioned in the external carriage housing as well as in the piston itself to form a single unified module. When it’s actuated with air pressure, it travels along a predetermined course. That makes it an ideal option for those who have precision manufacturing or processing workflows that have to remain clean at all times. You won’t have to sacrifice anything in the way of accuracy when you deploy this kind of solution either.

It uses a special grease compound made from fluorine, which ensures that it’s always inert to any fluctuations in temperature. Various gases and liquid chemicals are also inert when they come into contact with the part, so you won’t have to worry as much about cracking or swelling. In fact, synthetic rubbers and elastomers can withstand the operation, which has helped to qualify it for an ISO Class 5 cleanroom rating. Companies that have to adhere to Class 100 regulations may also want to consider the component.

All your technicians will have to do is use an external guide that’s capable of supporting the load. Once that’s in place, the 12-CY3B will be ready to do its job. Installation usually doesn’t take very long, which should be good news for those who might be dealing with longer lead times. This is an important consideration when trying to fill customer orders, so it’s a good idea to work with components that won’t slow down the already difficult process any more.

Companies that have other concerns will also be able to find additional rodless cylinders or actuators that should fit their unique workflows. They simply need to ask.

Find The Right Rodless Cylinders For Your Business At Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics has made sure to stock all of these high-quality parts so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what you bargained for when you invest in a rodless cylinder or actuator. That’s made them an attractive option for those who end up with problems related to the amount of header space they run into when mounting pneumatic equipment in a frame or on a rack.

No matter what kind of organization you manage, you can contact Orange Coast Pneumatics online and talk to our seasoned team of experts. They’ll help you find the parts you need even if you have a slightly irregular manufacturing operation that needs specialty components. Simply take a few moments to make a list of devices that you might be having some difficulty with and let us know. Our team will be happy to help.

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