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Airtrol Products

Airtrol Products

Whether you just want to be patriotic or your company is required by contract to purchase a certain amount of equipment from companies that deal exclusively in parts made in the United States, you'll like the supply chain that Airtrol Components has built up over the years. They make pneumatic gear stateside.

That being said, it isn't just the supply chain and production values that make Airtrol parts so special. The company has also made quite a name for itself by offering a number of different products that you won't be able to find anywhere else.

Precision Parts From Airtrol Components

One of the things that Airtrol has really done to make a name for themselves in the industry is paid very close attention to the little things in life. For instance, you can find an excellent barbed fitting or an expander from them. These parts are normally overlooked and installed on air circuits more like a necessary afterthought than as something that's carefully concerned.

Critical technicians, however, prefer Airtrol's detailed method of paying close attention to everything. Take those barbed fittings, for instance, You'll be able to find a sub-miniature preset P/E switch that's affordable and capable of holding up to a fair amount of use regardless of how you install it. As long as this part is operating in a manner that's considered to be in spec, it should hold up just fine.

While it might be considered to be something you'd otherwise just tuck away, Airtrol's engineers have instead dedicated themselves to finding the best components and providing their discerning users with them.

On top of this, you'll want to look at how they've really outdone themselves when it comes to other simple components that, once more, are normally included more as an afterthought than something that's viewed as an actual critical installation. Granted, everyone should think this way.

Pneumatic equipment works much better when everyone puts their full effort into things and no piece should ever be operated outside of specifications for safety reasons. Nevertheless, what you see out of Airtrol on a regular basis is something that you don't normally see out of anyone else.

In-line filters and adjustable knobs, which are generally just installed because they have to be, haven't escaped their eye for detail. Consider the adjustable deadband pressure switch offered by the F-4000-30-P85 series components, for instance. These have a way of standing up to quite a bit of pressure and are rated for a wide variety of applications. That's made them attractive to discerning technical staffers who want to make sure that they're getting the most out of every piece of equipment that they invest in.

In fact, the company's own ethos has clearly defined how exact they have to perform each task.

Extremely Precise Operating Tolerances

Those who need parts that work in light to medium duty applications that call for extremely lightweight tolerances will especially appreciate the line from Aitrol Components.

As a result, their typical applications often fall squarely in the medical and dental industries along with those who do HVAC work and manage test equipment. Process control, automation, systems analysis, and laboratory work have all become popular options over the years for Airtrol customers as well. The reason is that their equipment is able to fit into so many different circumstances as a result of its size and overall weight.

Every single component that Airtrol puts together is made to meet very specific standards, yet they're still made in a way that allows them to be marketed affordably. They'll even take custom orders, but that usually isn't necessary. Orange Coast Pneumatics has made sure to put together an excellent collection of different parts that should meet the needs of an overwhelming majority of use cases, thus you probably won't ever have to ask for some custom device in most situations.

Those who need to monitor the pressures of certain types of fluids, control compressors, open and shut pumps or activate indicator lights can rely on this kind of technology. Those who need to control electrical signals that work with other pieces of equipment are also in the same boat and might receive the same benefits from high-quality Airtrol devices.

Setpoint adjustment levels range anywhere from 0.05 to 100 psi. and 0.02 to 30 inches of mercury when working with a vacuum. On top of this, there are four different styles of mounting hardware available. Gold contacts and different types of diaphragm materials are also on the market, so you shouldn't ever be in need if you've been worried about the possibility of having to find something special that matches your company's particular use case.

Consider just how broad that range is and how much of the market it can actually represent. Devices that operate in such a wide range of specifications should satisfy quite a few requirements. You can even find air valve switches, which are useful in scenarios where you have to concern yourself with intrinsic safety.

Molded restrictors help to offer consumers accuracy levels that are close to those of jewel orifices, though they cost much less. Plain orifices provide a 1/16" ID tubing connector. A number of color-coded sizes, 17 in all, range from 0.003-0.040" in diameter.

Those orifices that come with an integral filter and barbs for both 1/8" and 1/16" tubing are also provided. In-line filters are also offered in the same sizes, which should help those who are working to standardize every aspect of their business operation.

Monitor Your Pressure And Vacuum At SMC Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics serves as the authorized national elite distributor for the SMC Corporation of America. That should help to assuage concerns by those who have to adhere to a certain specific purchasing policy.

All you need to do now is contact us online to find out more about the best size for your own manufacturing or testing workflows. An experienced member of our staff would be more than happy to help you get parts that should work great.

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