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Orifice Restrictors

Orifice Restrictors are designed for use in pneumatic control circuits. Our models are available in 17 color-coded sizes and have a high rate of accuracy in measuring flow. This selection will cover a wide variety of pneumatic systems and setups.

In addition, bulk orders of over $300 qualify for free shipping. As another alternative, certain customers can make purchases using Orange Coast Pneumatics credit. Decide if you want them color-coded for various setups and purposes.

Our Precision Orifices

The orifices are precision molded of polysulfone and are held to flow tolerances of + 3%. Flow tolerance, in this case, refers to the amount of airflow that a certain system can tolerate. They will do so while maintaining the same pressure output requirements. It can also be used to measure liquid flow in the case of hydraulics, but with allowances for heated or chilled fluids.

Polysulfone is known to have a high-temperature threshold and stability, as well as resistance to certain types of chemicals. The material also will not suffer oxidation, which can cause rusting in metal components. This makes them well suited for pneumatics, especially for specialized production circuits. It has a high startup cost but like stainless steel will last for a long time and necessitate fewer replacements.

If you have a pneumatic control circuit, then use the filtered orifice restrictors. They have a Dutch wire weave screen for the filter and can handle up to 100 PSI of flow.

The filters help when you want to remove a vast amount of contaminant particles from the air. Such contaminants can include water droplets or sediment. User the filter for inline installation, strictly speaking.

Standard inline orifice restrictors are another option. These are good when particle filtering is not as high a priority for your setup. The polycarbonates used are FDA approved, meaning they will pass federal regulation for standard operations. They have a straight connection for tubing and a 100 PSI maximum operating pressure.

With that said, you may not want to settle for one type of inline restrictor for installation. Our inline orifice restrictor kits may provide an optimal combination of parts for your specialized machinery. They are designed to deliver on variety for complex setups.

We assemble our most popular models to give you the best deal packaged with word-of-mouth. They can be used with either straight or flexible tubing, depending on the specific orifices. Revel in these different sizes.

Does your system require a quick tubing installation? Then try out the Quick Disconnect Restrictors for a rapid flow installation. Operators like them for versatility, rapid installation, and for handling a wide range of environments. They are great for environments that require moving machines around.

The Quick Disconnect is also designed to meet low resistance thanks to a positive seal during tube insertions. A release button allows for simple removal without damaging any parts and optimizing operator convenience. Take advantage of the portability.

Of course, in some cases, you may need more precise flow control. These are necessary for industrial pneumatics when you need to mass-produce products of equal quality that meet regulations. That way you maintain steady operations without wasting any raw materials.

One of our most precise restrictors for that scenario is the variable needle model. These restrictors have a needle valve, which can be adjusted at angles depending on the needs of your system. It has seven turns for operation; operators can install it either inline or on a panel. The bronze housing, paired with a stainless steel or brass screw, allows for lightweight portability. Decide if you want straight or barbed ports for optimal connections.

Why Flow Control Is Important

During a regular workday, pneumatic machines run from the moment that an operator sets them up for pressure or manufacturing. During that time, leaks can spring or air can escape in the interim, with operators focusing more on output. Orifice restrictors save you and your employees a step in regulating airflow manually, allowing you to prioritize products and services.

You don’t want to lose air to waste energy or leaks. This can happen when machines are running constantly, having excess pressure relative to a given situation, or filled with microscopic parts that can cause internal damage. A restrictor sets a parameter for flow that can be monitored remotely. More control ensures you waste less air, and that each bit of pressure is used efficiently.

Regulate Your Air Or Fluid Power With Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics wants you to have ultimate control over your machines. Never worry about losing flow application capabilities. We know which parts will be right for your setup, and what replacements may be handy. Our pneumatic specialists can answer your questions and make recommendations on orifice options.

Reach out to us today to find your dream restrictor. Our specialists are ready to help you with flow control and choosing the right parts for your pneumatic machine. Your air pressure will stabilize, allowing for optimal output. Let us assist you with meter flow with the power of orifice flow restrictors.

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