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Plastic Tanks/Reservoirs

Reservoir Cartridge photo
SMC Pneumatics's reservoir cartridges for inline reservoir applications!
  RC polypropylene reservoirs cartridges are perfect for all pneumatic volume chamber and waste reservoir applications. RC volume chambers are available in three sizes: 15, 28 and 44 cubic inch capacity. All volume chambers have a working pressure rating to 125 psi, with a burst rating to 500 psi.

Food applications are perfect for RC cartridge volume chambers because of their FDA approved plastic construction. FDA approved plastic mounting brackets are also available.

We also have Desiccant Dryers availabe for all of our reservoir / waste cartridges. Our Desiccant Dryer Cartridges are Silica Gel loaded, a drying agent used when attempting to remove moisture and moisture vapor.

Muffled Expansion Chambers utilize our standard volume chambers and a metallic muffler with plastic housing. All Expansion Chambers come standard with 1/4" NPT and a .125 drain hole. Add $3.65 to the volume chamber base price for the muffled expansion chamber option.

Max temperature 100 Degrees F.
  Section Guide:  

Part Number Volume Price (USD)
RC2.0x6 170 ML / 10.374 CI $9.00
RC2.5x6 290 ML / 17.696 CI $10.00
RC2.5x8 340 ML / 20.748 CI $11.00
RC2.0x10 300 ML / 18.307 CI $10.50
RC2.5x10 500 ML / 30.511 CI $11.50
RC2.5x12 590 ML / 36.004 CI $12.00
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