Plastic Tanks/Reservoirs


SMC Pneumatic's Plastic Reservoirs for Inline Air Reservoir Applications 

RC polypropylene reservoirs cartridges are perfect for all pneumatic volume chamber and waste reservoir applications. RC volume chambers are available in three capacity sizes: 

  • 15 cu inch 
  • 28 cu inch 
  • 44 cu inch

All volume chambers have a working pressure rating to 125 psi, with a burst rating to 500 psi.

Section Guide:  
Part Number Volume Price (USD)
RC2.0x6 170 ML / 10.374 CI $9.00
RC2.5x6 290 ML / 17.696 CI $10.00
RC2.5x8 340 ML / 20.748 CI $11.00
RC2.0x10 300 ML / 18.307 CI $10.50
RC2.5x10 500 ML / 30.511 CI $11.50
RC2.5x12 590 ML / 36.004 CI $12.00

SMC plastic reservoirs and tanks from Orange Coast Pneumatics are ideal solutions for compressed air equipment. Our tanks are  stable and, most importantly, they are corrosion resistant. 

Unlike metallic substances, plastic air reservoirs don't readily start to oxidize. Soyou can be sure that these air reservoir tanks  will hold up to long-term use. What’s more, SMC air reservoir tanks are flexible enough to fit into almost any kind of workflow.

Applications for SMC Plastic Reservoirs

Food applications are perfect for RC cartridge volume chambers because of their FDA approved plastic construction. FDA-approved plastic mounting brackets are also available. 

Those who regularly work with food or pharmaceuticals have to adhere to very specific requirements due to federal regulations regarding cleanliness and contamination.That’s why professionals continue to turn to SMC’s series of plastic tanks. You may find that any tank you invest in may very well work with a number of other accessories too.

No matter what specific sizes their existing installations might work with, they can interface these tanks because there are enough dimensions available that most technicians should be able to find something that’s suitable for their particular circumstances.

Pneumatic Accessories Compatible with Plastic Air Reservoirs

It hasn’t always been necessary to produce independent purpose-made accessories for plastic reservoirs. Previously, they were compatible with such a wide cross-section of the equipment that would operate on workpieces in most real world environments.

Over time, engineers have put together a number of specialty parts, though. You’ll want to take a look through these if you plan on designing entire workflows around a plastic pressure tank. Some people who have mobile installations that they take with them to work sites have a tendency to invest in this kind of technology, which often makes it easier for them to manage these kinds of workflows.

We also have Desiccant Dryers available for all of our reservoir/waste cartridges. Our Desiccant Dryer Cartridges are Silica Gel loaded, a drying agent used when attempting to remove moisture and moisture vapor.

In the same sense, a number of general purpose desiccant and other dryers have also been put on the market. These are suitable for those who have to deal with moisture in the air line for whatever reason. Ambient water vapor can eventually cause significant damage to your pneumatic equipment.

Stainless steel fittings helps to mitigate this to a large degree, since these are far more resistant to corrosion than most other competing materials technologies. However, you want to be sure that you do everything you can to reduce water vapor in your air in general if you can. That’s why either specialty desiccant dryers for plastic SMC tanks or general purpose ones for everything else are so vital.

Once you have these small considerations out of the way, you can get down to work easily. There’s very little you need to do to get these tanks working properly. If you need a place to store air fluid or reserve it for times when your actuators need to exhaust some volume, then these should work perfectly.

Perhaps the most important aspect of them, however, is that they’re strong enough to put up with strain under real working circumstances. Some pieces of portable equipment aren’t designed to work anywhere near as hard as the kind of equipment that you might have in a dedicated workshop.

These plastic tanks are considerably stronger than you might imagine.

Polypropylene Reservoir Tank Specifications

Technicians who install RC polypropylene reservoirs and their related cartridges are often surprised to find that these have as healthy specifications as they do. Keep in mind that they’re designed to work at a load of 125 psi if you prefer, which is every bit as strong as many dedicated in-place equipment would.

While the burst rate might not be always relevant, the fact that these can provide around 500 psi of pressure for short periods of time if needed is quite impressive. Those who are running certain types of tools, like air wrenches, will certainly appreciate this. They can have a short burst of power when they need it most.

There are some drawbacks. While running high pressure may drain the reservoir faster than working with it at a lower pressure, it’s a rather useful function in a pinch and it can certainly get operators out of some sticky situations.

In some cases, you might find that you could fill up one of these reservoirs and leave it for a surprisingly long amount of time. They’re designed to be quite tight and hold onto air. You shouldn’t experience any significant drainage over the short-term.

While you won’t want to store pressurized air in a manner that’s unsafe or inconsistent with good practices, the fact that it holds on to even this level of pressure for some time should help to illustrate just how flexible RC series canisters can be.

As long as you use them in a way that’s consistent with their labeling, you should find that they can work well in a virtually unlimited number of potential use cases in nearly any industry. The food service sector always keeps water tanks in demand.

Think about how much fluid you’d want with you at any given time. Depending on the type of work that your organization is doing, you might have either greater or lesser needs than your current equipment is designed to supply. You simply want to ensure that everything you have is scalable so that you’re neither wasting your gear nor experiencing frequent situations where you run out of power.

High-Quality Plastic Reservoir Solutions for Your Company

SMC storage tanks and reservoirs are always in demand. It’s this popularity combined with the solid build quality and impressive performance that’s ensured that Orange Coast Pneumatics continues to stock these components.

Once you’ve figured out just how much you’d prefer, make sure to contact OC Pneumatics online. We’ll give you all the info you need to pick a perfect solution that’s going to help you invest in your business’ future.

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