Filtered Orifice Restrictors


Filtered Orifice Restrictors

Series F-950

Filtered Orifice Restrictors are designed for use in pneumatic control circuits. The orifices are precision molded of polysulfone, and are held to flow tolerances of plus or minus 4%.

The Dutch weave wire screen is constructed of stainless steel, and is resistant to high pressure. The Dutch weave filter is available at 5, 43 and 73 microns.

Available in 10 color coded sizes, .004 to .030 diameter, with a maximum supply of 100 PSI. The F-950 Series Filtered Orifice Restrictors are designed for inline installation. (See Flow Characteristics.)

Maximum Supply   ... 100 PSI
Orifice Diameters ... .004" to .030"
Mounting ... Inline installation
Filtration ... 5, 43 and 73 microns
Port Connections ... Barbs for 1/16" or 1/8" I.D. tubing
Operating Temperature ... 40° to 120° degrees F (5° to 48° degrees C)
Filtered Restrictor Dimensions
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