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Air Dryers & Main Line Filters

Did you know that the regular air that’s running through the tubes attached to your company’s pneumatic dryer systems might actually be unintentionally ruining them? That’s because all air contains moisture and any form of water vapor can have a deleterious influence on even the most hardened metallic components. Eventually, moisture can even encourage the freezing of outdoor airlines going to and from an air compressor.

You’ve probably seen something similar to this impact if you’ve ever taken a close look at an overworked air conditioner or another like piece of equipment. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about dealing with this kind of problem on a personal level. You can manage dry compressed air with ease.

Whether you’re dealing with a massive compressed air-driven system that needs special consideration or a relatively small local installation, you’ll want to carefully look over this type of equipment and see what kinds of pieces work best for you. Perhaps you’ll first want to look at the most traditional air dryers for incoming air.

Air Dryers For Pneumatic Systems

Even the most sturdy components made from 100 percent genuine stainless steel will eventually start to corrode in the presence of moisture. This is largely because of iron molecules in the steel, which react with oxygen in the water to form iron oxide. Air dryers can keep moisture out of your systems and slow down this process.

They’re not difficult to use, either. Most of the operation is entirely automatic, which means that they can be run as part of an existing pneumatic installation without any significant retraining or difficult installation process. That means you’ll be up and ready to go in almost no time because the equipment works so seamlessly. More than likely, you’ll only need to read through the documentation to know exactly what you need to be doing with your new gear.

Best of all, a wide range of sizes can meet different flow ranges. You’ll be able to find equipment that functions anywhere from 10-1,000 liters per minute in terms of ANR. Technicians who are concerned about temperature and humidity can look for gear that deals with dew points anywhere from -15° to -60°C.

Considering the fact that these specifications are quite broad, that should help to satisfy a majority of circumstances, including industrial applications. Once you’ve decided to invest in an air dryer you might also want to look into other technology, like after coolers.

Aftercoolers & Automatic Drain Valves

High temperature compressed air might not be efficient and in the worst circumstances, it could potentially be dangerous if it encourages an existing system to exceed the manufacturer’s specifications in terms of temperature.

An aftercooler will reduce the risk of this problem occurring by taking extremely hot air and cooling it down to around 40°C or less. At the same time, this equipment will help to efficiently remove moisture from the air circuit. As a result, you’ll get the same effect you might have if you were to use a more traditional air dryer with the added benefit of handling the temperature spikes that are common when dealing with certain types of manufacturing processes.

This is only part of the problem, however, since moisture has to go somewhere. Construction industry pundits have long opined that water always finds away if it gets trapped in a specific location, and this is true in every other industry as well. Auto drain valves will discharge even the most viscous drainage without the need for human intervention.

Depending on the type of drainage and the total amount, you might want to consider a device that’s operated by motors. Others could look at air-operated units that are very much like any of the other pneumatic solutions that they might employ. At the same time, there are several heavy-duty float style models on the market that could be of some help to those dealing with serious problems.

Keep in mind that not all discharge is simply fluid water. As we mentioned, auto drain valves are designed to discharge more viscous substances. These sorts of things can start to build up if you’re working somewhere that there’s something greasy in the air. There are literally countless industrial processes that could generate this kind of material, making it highly likely that you’ll come across it at least at some point during the production cycle.

You don’t want this kind of material getting into your compressed air systems and further gumming up the line, which is why it’s important to filter it out as soon as it enters the closed-loop. Those who often find themselves dealing with a potentially sticky problem might want to start looking into the possibility of mainline filters in addition to other solutions in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Separating Mist With Main Line Filters

Upstream air preparation filters are capable of removing mist and other small particles in the compressed air that might be too tiny to get taken down by more conventional air filters. Depending on the particular type of unit in question, the removal of contaminants that are as small as 0.01µ is theoretically possible. That’s an extremely small size that shows just how sophisticated this filtration technology has become in recent years.

Those who need larger capacity filters can always find them, and you might also be interested in other components as well if you’re investing in air dryers. For instance, there are centrifugal water separators and other similar devices on the market that might be of some assistance to those who have more serious problems to deal with.

Irrespective of what particular sort of solution you’re looking into, you’re going to you want to make sure that you deal with the right supplier. Your company needs to be able to get pieces that are compatible with everything that you’ve already invested in when it comes to compressed air-driven machinery.

Get Air Dryers & Other Equipment From Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics has you covered with parts for your system. Our team has made sure to stock many different types of air dryers, which gives you the freedom to be sure that you can get the kind of treatment you need regardless of the specific type of equipment you’re using.

No matter how big or small your company is, Orange Coast Pneumatics is more than glad to help. Make sure to contact us online today so we can connect you with a member of our experienced staff who will work to ensure that you get access to all of the pneumatic parts you need in order to keep your business going.

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