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Air Chillers

What would happen if you didn’t keep your gear at just the right temperature? Imagine what might occur if you allowed thermal runaway to happen and let all of your equipment just get extremely hot. We have to assume that the image wouldn’t be very pretty.

Fortunately, the fact of the matter is that chillers are more than capable of keeping your pneumatic equipment operating at just the right level so you won’t have to worry about the possibility of this happening. You can expect that these devices will help you by circulating fluid to cool and dehumidify the air. This will ensure that everything stays functioning properly for longer even if you have to work under less than ideal conditions as a result of certain industrial processes.

Orange Coast Pneumatics always has you covered when you need to stock your business with highly efficient tools. We always make sure to have plenty of parts in stock so you’ll always be able to find just what you need. Consider the exact type of air-cooled chiller machine you’re going to invest in for your machine.

Types Of Chillers For Pneumatic Systems

Perhaps the most common and popular design is the traditional general use of the compact chiller, which fits into almost any business environment without any major difficulty. You’re likely to come across these regardless of the specific type of pneumatic equipment a particular installation is using.

At the same time, you’re going to see some specialized equipment for those working with industrial components. Benchtop precision chillers are among the devices that normally come to mind when dealing with this kind of equipment.

Thermometric chillers that employ special water-cooled components normally fall into this category. You’re likely to see them if you work in any sort of laboratory setting or anywhere else that demands absolute precision for the type of work you’re doing.

Regardless of the exact type of work you plan on accomplishing, you’ll want to also consider a few other options. Engineers have taken the opportunity to create a virtually limitless variety of various types of chillers so that individuals will always have a great deal of choice when it comes time to find the kind of equipment that best suits their installation’s individual needs.

Pairing Different Options Together

Never underestimate the flexibility of standard fitting sizes, which make it easy to pair different pieces of equipment together. By giving you the ability to find a number of different connectors, Orange Coast Pneumatics has made the whole process of connecting a series of pieces of equipment together much simpler.

That means if you need chillers but also have to interface other standard components into the system you’ll be free to do so. This gives technicians and engineers almost complete freedom to design gear that won’t soon become obsolete.

In fact, you’ll be able to replace parts on a case-by-case basis as you eventually start to need something new. That means you won’t ever have to worry about scrapping an entire structure just because one piece of it needs replacement and you weren’t able to find appropriate components to affect repairs.

On top of all of this, you shouldn’t have any difficulties involving things wearing out far too early. After all, this equipment is all designed to be extremely durable so it might very well outlast your expectations. Over time, this longevity can actually translate into savings since you won’t need to replace equipment nearly as often. That’s of vital importance for anyone who happens to be dealing with budget constraints or the wish to save even more resources.

Once you’ve gone through your options, you’ll also want to give some thought to any special applications you might need to work with, especially regarding high pressure. Chillers offer efficiency and durability.

Chillers For Special Applications

Assume for a moment that you use a large heavy industrial laser as part of your company’s somewhat automated industrial processes. While this machine can certainly help to make cutting into the material a breeze, it also generates a great deal of heat. You might want to consider getting a dual-channel chiller, which is designed to help keep these cool.

HRL temperature control devices feature two separate cooling channels in one single package. These chillers can cool off the optical head of a laser processing system. In fact, they can even help to keep the oscillator nice and cool.

Best of all, your technicians are able to manage all operations of the device from a single front-mounted touch panel. That helps to drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to get going with this sort of device.

Since this combines a pair of devices into a single housing, it can represent significant savings in terms of space. A special triple invert manages power consumption of the pump and compressor as well as the fan, which might be of particular importance for those who are working on cutting down on their current levels of energy consumption. On top of all this, these devices support a heating function that leverages waste heat collected from the refrigerant discharge.

As a result, they don’t need to be fitted with a separate electric heater. This not only improves the machinery in terms of electrical consumption but also helps to make them more reliable. Each HRL system is suitable for work out of the box because they come with standard features that include a 5µm particle filter as well as a leakage breaker.

Those who might need to move their equipment around at some point can rely on a set of casters that come with the device to give them the freedom to push it. The machine is even copper-free.

Finding Chillers For Your Place Of Business At Orange Coast Pneumatics

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we’ve made sure to put together a wide range of chillers that should suit the needs of almost any type of business venture that relies on the use of compressed air-driven equipment. Irrespective of your specific installation or how you might have everything run together, there’s a good chance that we have something in stock that can help you get things working.
Take a moment right now and contact us using our online form so our experienced sales team can help you find a set of chillers that will be ideal for your company’s particular use case. You’ll probably never find an easier way to get pneumatic parts even if you’ve long had to track down hard to find components. We’ll be able to find you drop-in replacements for anything that matches certain standard sizes.

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