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Electric Actuators

Electric actuators offer distinct advantages over their pneumatic counterparts. Acceleration and speed are controlled and predictable. Multiple positions are possible with high precision and repeatability. Pushing forces can be programmed.

The actuators work by converting the electronic signals they receive into kinetic energy, via movement. They are either rotary or linear, depending on their motions. Other actuators use air pressure to receive the signal to move and generate energy. With no need for compressed air, infrastructure and energy costs are lower. This makes them suitable when you work on a budget or want to increase energy efficiency.

Our Selection Of Electric Rotary And Linear Actuators

LE is Orange Coast Pneumatic’s current line of electric actuators, designed with a focus on easy setup and operation. Function parameters come preset, plus an “Easy Mode” setting option allows you to be operational quickly. This allows for human operators to take advantage of the low learning curve.

The LE line is available in a variety of types. These include sliders, rod and guided rod, slide tables, rotary, grippers, and miniature. Always check to see if you need models that run on AC or DC currents. While certain actuators can run on either current or any voltage, you need to make sure that the electric currents are compatible with your engine.

Rod and guided rod actuators work with push and pull movement as well as counter-rotation to return pistons to their starting point. They also resist shock, making them durable for intense operations.

The Dust & Drip-Proof rod model is good to prevent grime from entering the machine and causing clogs or contamination. Aluminum protects the motor and can match the IP65 speculation. It also has a vent hole and fitting to keep out water vapor, which can in turn lead to rust or damage to your internal parts.

Rotary actuators have the benefit of flexible arrangements, owing to how they can be positioned at four rotating angles during regulat operations. The rotating workspace is placed above the enclosure. A standard rotary actuator has a rotate-and-return process. Decide if you want the continuous rotation model which has no need of a return motion. The continuous rotation also increases the amount of output during normal business operations.

Slide table actuators are designed for optimized accuracy and loading. Their linear guide helps towards that purpose. You can either get an actuator that is rigid, works with a card motor, miniature or compact. Thus, they are highly versatile with basic, symmetrical, and inline mounted motors for body orientation.

Accessories For Your Actuators

Accessories include actuator controllers and gateways. The controllers work to enhance the actuators’ power, by sending signals rapidly to close loops or change the device’s position. This allows for the operator to have more control over the setup, and to adjust the position as needed. You simply need to check on the preference of a screw or nail mounting, cable length, and I/O type if the specifications apply.

Do you use laptop software to manage your actuator and system power? Then try out the card motor controllers. One benefit of adding laptop support is that they allow you to monitor the data and output from regular business operations. These card motor controllers are also compatible with I/O systems and have a two-step data entry mode, for easy monitoring.

The AC servo models are designed for higher speed, acceleration, and torque. Add optional impulse drivers to improve your pulse control. You have the option of using an incremental or absolute encoder, and some models can also work for a network.

DC servo controllers can work with slider, slide table and rod-based actuators. Connect with a laptop for data entry, so as to refine your procedures. They also have an easy mode for quickly starting operations and to lower the learning curve for human operators. Certain controllers also have alarm detection in the case of emergency, which will increase workplace safety.

Improve Your Machine’s Home Automation With Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics has a wide array of parts for your machine, including electric linear actuators. We want to ensure that you have access to the most appropriate models for your system, in terms of setup and energy demands. The Orange Coast specialists keep up to date on changes in pneumatic technology.

Reach out to us today to get started. Our experts are ready to answer all of your questions and hook you up with the right AC or DC motor. Let us take you beyond the mounting bracket and into a system of high energy.

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