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Industrial Filters

What would you do if the gear that you were working with got clogged up with some kind of unidentified glop? Would you find it difficult to get things working again? Fortunately, industrial filters provide a way for pneumatic technicians to deal with this problem automatically. A wide variety of them can solve this air filtration issue

The flow of air and other fluids can become contaminated over time, which is a serious threat in the food service and electronics industries. It’s also an issue for those working with paint or anything else that could potentially become a suspension in the air. Clogs can reduce necessary high pressure for business operations.

Industrial filters series offers a variety of elements that can be selected according to the filtration conditions and are suitable for high flow rate filtration. When pressures start to increase, the amount of potential debris increases proportionally. These filters are equipped to handle this possibility.

A Wide Range Of Specialty & Custom Industrial Filters

When people contact Orange Coast Pneumatics, we often get questions about whether or not we can produce a custom industrial filter that’s tailored to their specific needs. While this is certainly a possibility, it’s almost never needed. Companies can save time and money by working with off the shelf components. There are really enough different choices that you shouldn’t normally run into any use case where you can’t simply adopt one of the standard models shown in the catalogs.

Take the FGH series of filters, for instance. They offer an extremely precise degree of filtration which is perfect for processes that have to work with particularly pure liquids. Whether you’re using traditional compressed air or you’re only using nitrogen or some other gas, there’s a good chance that you don’t want anything in it. FGH equipment should work perfectly fine regardless of what type of compression workflow you have in place.

At the same time, these filters are more than capable of fitting into a wide degree of different filtration use cases. For instance, they could be paired with a membrane element that fits in place just as easily as any other traditional element. As a result, you can get the kind of filtration quality that you’re after without having to invest in any sort of custom manufactured components.

Consider the fact that this translates into not only lower costs but a far lower lead time. All your team needs to do is place an order and they’ll be able to take advantage of convenient components that are already waiting to be shipped. It’s just as easy as placing an order for any consumer product.

Cost and efficiency aren’t the only reasons that someone would have wanted to invest in these filters, however. They’re also quite attractive simply for their performance metrics.

Performance Features Of Industrial Filters

No matter what industry segment your company works in, you’ll want to restrict yourself to working with parts that provide a high degree of filtration. This is true even if you’re not dealing with sensitive workflows merely because pneumatic equipment does have certain machining tolerances. Investing in the right filters can help reduce the risk of ever exceeding these tolerances.

Many experts feel that taking a few extra precautions in this way can help to ensure that your gear keeps working longer. If you’re interested in that aspect of keeping your machinery in good order, then you’ll still want to invest in a high-quality filter.

Fortunately, the FGH series has you covered. They’re manufactured in a clean room that’s Class M 5.5 certified. As a result, you can trust that they’re free of any debris that could come off something that’s been made in a lesser operation. Your filter should be purifying your airflow rather than contributing to the degradation of it, after all!

One of the big reasons that it’s able to replace most custom-tailored pieces of equipment is the fact that individual end users can actually swap out the internal element. A HEPO II element version is 99 percent or more effective, which should be more than enough for a majority of use cases.

There’s a possibility that you need something more sophisticated than this, however. In that case, you’ll want to check out the membrane version, which is 99.9 percent or greater in terms of effectiveness.

No matter what kind of industrial process you’re in charge of managing, this type of filter element should help you keep everything that you’re working with clean and free of debris. You’ll also find FGE series components with a medium flow rate option as well as a class of bolt tightening standard elements in paper or fiber honeycomb. The options don’t end there, either.

Filter Housings That Need Unique Installation Geometry

There’s a V-band type for those who need its unique installation geometry. For that matter, there’s even a sintered metal and micro-mesh version of the standard element as well. Those who want to process every single aspect of their operation with micro-mesh may also want to look at FRL modules, which are regulators and lubricators on top of providing a certain degree of filtration.

Few technicians might need this many different options, and there’s a good possibility that you’ll only need one or two types in any given pneumatic layout. In fact, it might be best to standardize around just a few basic designs.

This would make it easy to replace parts if they fail, since you could easily stock up on whatever sort of elements you’ve elected to work with. However, the fact that there are this many different options is great news because it’s precisely the reason that compressed air-driven equipment specialists no longer have to rush out and find a service that can do all the machining work needed to produce and ship a component that’s only meant to function in an extremely specific circumstance.

Jot down any concerns you might have about particles or filtration. Once you know more about your company’s requirements, you’ll be in an excellent position to find the kind of part you need to purify your airflows and get everything working within spec.

Match Your Equipment & Needs With Industrial Filtration Solutions At Orange Coast Pneumatics

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we’ve found an ideal collection of industrial filters that we can now pass onto our customers so that they won’t have to worry about the possibility of their own pieces of equipment getting clogged up with materials.
As soon as you’re ready to learn more about the kinds of products on the market and the specific filter elements available for each style, contact OC Pneumatics online. Our experienced team of representatives will help you to find all of the components your team needs to get ahead and start production in a cleaner environment than you had ever thought possible.

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