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ISA3-L, Digital Gap Sensor, 2 Screen 3 Color,-Laqu

The ISA3-L is an IO-Link compatible version of SMC's ISA3 digital gap checker.  A gap checker uses air pressure to verify the presence and proximity of a workpiece.  Applications include confirmation of raw material placement before machining or other fabrication operations, or the correct seating of a component into a jig or fixture to trigger the next assembly sequence.  ISA3-L includes features like 2 sensors detect supply and outlet pressure, to help determine whether and where this is a clog.  NPN or PNP switch type is selectable electronically.  The sub-screen has been divided into 2 screens, to display more information or finer resolution.  The lower limit of the setting range can be extended down to zero.  IO-Link communication expands functionality.  Gap size, supply and outlet pressure are available as 16-bit integers. 6 bits and settings monitor 2 switch outputs.  2 additional bits are available for pressure and error diagnosis.  Settings can be stored by the IO-Link master to copy automatically when replacing or deploying multiples.  ISA3-L is CE and RoHS compliant, with an IP67 enclosure rating.

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