High Vacuum Products

High vacuum products are useful for manufacturing. Companies that are engaged in sensitive manufacturing sectors need equipment that's every bit as sensitive as their workpieces are. 

If you're in the electronics industry, then you're probably more than familiar with sensitive calibrations. Even the slightest unexpected variable could stop your entire operation in its tracks. You want to do everything you can to avoid this.

That's where SMC's high vacuum products come in, which are available from Orange Coast Pneumatics. These are fine-tuned to ensure that they can work within tolerances regardless of external stimuli. As long as you make sure not to exceed certain operating specifications, these can function in the most sensitive of circumstances.

Vacuum chambers are generally used in the semiconductor manufacturing process. The peripheral equipment used to exhaust air from the supply atmospheric pressure to the vacuum chamber such as valves, pressure switches, cylinders and gate valves should meet conditions such as non-leakage, clean specifications and corrosion resistance. SMC's high vacuum products meet those demands.

In many cases, all you need to do is have the dimensions of your adapters and the maximum amount of vacuum you're going to be working with in order to get this kind of equipment to interface with your existing installation. While the engineering involved is extremely precise, this is all you'll often need to get your system completely integrated.

Vacuum Chamber Products & Accessories

Consider the sensitivity of workpieces in this sector. Thus there's reason to believe that chip manufacturing lines could simply suddenly fail for almost inexplicable reasons. By investing in vacuum components that don't use potentially dirty external sources of energy, you'll be sure that you don't inject an exterior variable into the equation.

Many people who work as technicians in the industry only trust pneumatic power sources. This is because they can't use electrical or other alternative systems. To that end, engineers have made sure to put together a collection that should work for individuals who find themselves in this particular market segment.

When it comes to valves, you'll have your pick. Take a look at both angle and in-line valves. They can help you route a vacuum system in any direction that you'd prefer. 

If you want to connect a valve directly to an air hose that's carrying a degree of negative pressure, then you can do that. Cut a hose to different parts of an air circuit. Slipping the valve in one direction could power one section of the circuit and it can then redirect power to the opposite side.

You could also theoretically use a valve as a hard shutoff, which is again something that should be of particular interest to those in the semiconductor industry. If you ever had to stop a fabrication process, then you could do it simply by using a valve to stop the spread of vacuum energy.

Exhausting pressure isn't difficult with these either, because they're designed to work with an exhaust as part of an exchange with the outside environment. Blow offs and exhausts can be added to any system that you're working with to improve safety and make them work efficiently. Good planning ensures that they'll work unfettered at all times to keep the air moving.

High Vacuum Applications & Compressed Air

Keep in mind that vacuum suction is simply compressed air pressure in the opposite direction. Components designed to function with traditional pneumatic equipment might work in a vacuum-powered environment as well.

Vacuum chambers provide an interesting opportunity for those who want to explore the possibility of coming up with unique and unusual layouts. If you've wanted the chance to plan out your own installation, then you can build one around this kind of equipment without too much difficulty.

Over time, engineers have put together a number of devices that can vacuum away debris or move particulate matter from one location to another. If this is what you're trying to accomplish, then some of these parts should be able to provide the degree of vacuum suction that you're looking for.

Some operators work with vacuum-actuated gear or have other more esoteric manners of manipulating workpieces. They should also find that these components are very useful for their particular circumstances. 

Take a few moments to think up every situation where you might need a vacuum chamber in your organization. Chances are that you might come up with a large number of circumstances where this kind of technology might be useful, so it might be seen as fortunate that you can get relatively large numbers of these components to get the job done.

Interfacing Ultra High Vacuum Parts With Other Workflows

Various other purpose-built items have ended up on the market. Some valves are designed to fit the needs of people who want to work with SMC's high vacuum products and need to maintain an extremely high degree of vacuum. 

They meet the challenges of people who find themselves needing to work with this level of suction. The products can work with a set of slit valves that are capable of processing and maintaining high levels of vacuum suction.

There's also a compatible smooth vent on the market as well as a set of solenoid valves, which should be attractive to those who want to use electrical power to supplement their pneumatic vacuum workflows. Nevertheless, you might be able to interface some equipment that wasn't purpose-built for the task either.

Take a look at the total amount of vacuum either used or generated by a particular air circuit and then check any part from SMC or distributed through OC Pneumatics. When components are compatible with vacuum pressure, it'll provide a certain specification that will tell you how much it can take.

Naturally, you don't want to ever operate a component out of its specification. This is neither safe nor is it advisable. That being said, if you are within the original operating specifications and all of your connectors fit together properly you shouldn't run into any major issues.

Consider pairing SMC's high vacuum products with high-quality fittings and other durable adapters that give you the freedom to connect all of your gear together in a stable way that holds together without any deterioration.

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