In-Line Orifice Restrictors

  Orifice Restrictors are designed for use in pneumatic control circuits. Available in 17 color coded sizes. The orifices are precision molded of polysulfone and are held to flow tolerances of plus or minus 3%. The F-2815 Series Orifice Restrictors are designed for inline installation.  
  See Flow Characteristics.  

- Accuracy: Orifice Size +/-.0003"
- Material: FDA Approved Polycarbonate
- Max. Operating Pressure: 100PSI
- Connection: Straight Connection for 1/16" I.D. Tubing
- Repeatability (for Straight only): +/-.0002" or +/-3% Flow, whichever is greater


Size Color Straight Barb 1/16 Barb 1/8 Barb
0.003 Gold F-2815-003 F-2815-003-B80 F-2815-003-B85
0.004 Purple F-2815-004 F-2815-004-B80 F-2815-004-B85
0.005 White F-2815-005 F-2815-005-B80 F-2815-005-B85
0.007 Yellow F-2815-007 F-2815-007-B80 F-2815-007-B85
0.008 Light Green F-2815-008 F-2815-008-B80 F-2815-008-B85
0.009 Lavender F-2815-009 F-2815-009-B80 F-2815-009-B85
0.010 Light Blue F-2815-010 F-2815-010-B80 F-2815-010-B85
0.012 Green F-2815-012 F-2815-012-B80 F-2815-012-B85
0.014 Orange F-2815-014 F-2815-014-B80 F-2815-014-B85
0.016 Gray F-2815-016 F-2815-016-B80 F-2815-016-B85
0.017 Brown F-2815-017 F-2815-017-B80 F-2815-017-B85
0.019 Red F-2815-019 F-2815-019-B80 F-2815-019-B85
0.020 Dark Blue F-2815-020 F-2815-020-B80 F-2815-020-B85
0.025 Black F-2815-025 F-2815-025-B80 F-2815-025-B85
0.030 Beige F-2815-030 F-2815-030-B80 F-2815-030-B85
0.035 Dark Gray F-2815-035 F-2815-035-B80 F-2815-035-B85
0.040 Teal F-2815-040 F-2815-040-B80 F-2815-040-B85

In-line orifice restrictors elevate the efficiency of your pneumatic systems while judiciously managing operational costs. These essential components not only enhance system performance but also serve as a cost-effective solution every business relying on pneumatic systems needs.

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we are your trusted provider of top-tier pneumatic system components. Because of our commitment to quality, you can be sure to get the best supplies in the industry when shopping with us. Let’s see how in-line orifice restrictors can enhance your pneumatic systems’ capabilities.

What Is An In-Line Orifice Restrictor?

An in-line orifice restrictor is a specific type of flow control device used in pneumatic systems. Its primary function is to regulate the flow rate of air or other gasses in the system, ensuring a consistent and predictable operation.

In simple terms, an in-line orifice restrictor can be thought of as a precise 'bottleneck' in a pneumatic system. It restricts the flow of air or gas to a predetermined level, ensuring consistency and stability in the system's performance.

These devices are typically small and lightweight, making them easy to install in a wide variety of pneumatic equipment. They're used across numerous industries, including manufacturing, aviation, and automation, where precise flow control is vital for efficient and safe operations.

Why Is Flow Control Important?

Regulation Of System Speed And Performance

Flow control devices such as in-line orifice restrictors regulate the speed at which air or gas flows in the system, affecting the speed and efficiency of the connected components. This control helps maintain the desired operational performance.

System Stability And Efficiency

Additionally, consistent and precise flow control ensures system stability by preventing sudden changes in pressure, reducing the chances of system failure or damage to components. This control also improves system efficiency by ensuring that air or gas flows at the optimum rate, not wasting any energy.


Finally, uncontrolled or erratic flow can lead to system malfunctions or failures that could pose safety risks, particularly in high-pressure pneumatic systems. Reliable flow control helps prevent such incidents.

Orifice Restrictor Selection

To suit the diverse needs of your systems, you have multiple options when choosing your orifice restrictors. Here's a closer look at some selections.

F-2815 Series Orifice Restrictors

Orifice Restrictors of the F-2815 Series are designed for inline installation. These orifice restrictors present a reliable solution for your flow control needs. Their design allows them to work in diverse industrial settings, thereby delivering versatility along with robust performance. 

Filtered Orifice Restrictors

If your system requires intensive particle filtering, consider opting for Filtered Orifice Restrictors. Designed to remove impurities from your pneumatic system, these restrictors contribute significantly to the longevity of your machinery. 

In-Line Orifice Restrictor Kit

In cases where you need a combination of parts tailored for specialized machinery, an In-Line Orifice Restrictor Kit may be the perfect fit. These kits provide a comprehensive solution designed to suit your specific system requirements.

Get Your In-Line Orifice Restrictors At Orange Coast Pneumatics

In-line orifice restrictors serve as the backbone for an efficient, cost-effective pneumatic system. Their role in controlling the flow rate ensures a smooth operational process for your business.

Orange Coast Pneumatics provides high-quality in-line orifice restrictors. With our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, our supplies and equipment help you get the most out of your pneumatic systems.

You can reach out to our team today and we’ll guide you to the best orifice restrictor for your specific needs.

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