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Electronic Regulators

Electro-pneumatic air regulators control air-vacuum pressure steplessly in proportion to an electric signal. These regulators are also called pressure-reducing valves, in relation to the role they play for controlling airflow. They are lightweight in design with a bright and easy to read LED display. The monitor output is available either as analog output or switch output. Thus, they have a low learning curve and are user-friendly.

Our Selection Of Pneumatic Electronic Regulators

Electronic pressure regulators function depending on the signals they receive from the system. Much like with a pilot valve, they will open if receiving that electronic signal. Then it’s usually converted into kinetic energy, to open or close the ports.

When selecting a regulator, decide if on pressure range, any protective covers, sensors, mounting, and outer specifications. Other selections may include voltage, port size, or threading. We have options for made-to-order models. Our website will notify you if a certain combination cannot be produced. Cable connectors can have a right-angle or straight style.

If you want a large range of regulators and parts by which to repair them, then we recommend the ITV series. You can either receive a digital or analog display to record air pressure, and the regulators operate depending on the electronic signal that they receive. It is equivalent to the IP65 series, which makes it a suitable replacement if you have older models.

One standout model in the series is the ITV-X395 IO-Link. It is designed to match the standard I/O protocol and allows you to maximize pressure control. Set multiple parameters to meet your desired goals concerning the flow rate. The front panel is designed to notify human operators about potential errors, while other LEDs keep track fo communication between the IO-Link. Mount either with or without a bracket, depending on your setup.

Regulators in the series may use a Connection Cable for an Ethernet Fieldbus. These work with an m12 plug and two options for connectors. Order cables as short as 500 mm or as long as 1000 mm, depending on the demand for your regulators.

Your mounting is also important for the regulator so that they can measure pressure accurately. The ITV1000/2000/3000, Flat Bracket Assembly is one part that you will want to keep on hand. You can use the F1 model for the ITV1000 and the F2 for the 2000 and 3000 series. Mount your regulator with security using either of these models.

If you need a proportional control valve system, then try out the VEF/VEP series. You can control the internal spool assembly and output for infinity. Decide if you would rather regulate secondary pressure or the airflow through a solenoid valve. If doing the former, go with the VEP and use the VEF for the latter. We provide four options for pressure ranges, which will greatly assist in helping with sensitive environments.

The IC series functions by converting the digital signal into analog energy. The four-point preset output pressure will assist with output and work in tandem with the ITV0000 series. Use the ten-bit parallel input signal for the utmost efficiency.

What Pressure Regulators Offer

Pneumatic regulators assist in maintaining pressure throughout your system during normal operations. They are a specific type of valve that can assist with controlling, actuating and sensing airflow. For that reason, regulators are important in systems that can experience unwanted variations. In some cases, engineers design the models to maintain a rigid pressure range.

A regulator will either have a diaphragm or a piston for sensing pressure; the diaphragm is best for environments that demand sensitivity to such changes in airflow. A piston can cover a larger area in terms of sensing accurate pressure, so they are better when you have a bigger environment in which to operate.

Always consider your minimum and maximum ideal pressure for your machine. The flow rate is also important, as is the pipe size for the pneumatic regulator. Also, factor in environments that may not work with certain models, such as food processing or pharmaceuticals.

Learn More About Regulating Air Pressure At Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics is ready to help you refine your pneumatic machine. Our experts will know which control valves will make airflow efficient, and what models to use when certain series go out of stock.

Reach out to us today to get started. The specialists at Orange Coast Pneumatics will answer all of your questions related to your parts and pressure control. Improve your output flow with our assistance.

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