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Pneumatic air fittings are exactly what you need for connecting pipes, tubing and hoses within your system. These types of valves work better with lower pressure and have tight seals, to prevent air leaks during regular operations. Decide which connection type works best for your system and the material that you prefer.

Select Pneumatic Fittings For Your System

If you are ordering in bulk, you can receive free shipping within the United States on orders over $300 USD. Orange Coast Pneumatics also offers credit for qualified customers, so that you can afford any fitting. Browse our selection and see which one is right for you.

Standard materials for pneumatic fittings include aluminum, stainless steel, brass that is sometimes nickel-plated, polypropylene and fluoresins. We recommend going with either stainless steel or brass because the former can handle many temperature ranges and is corrosion-resistant. Brass has the benefit of being inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to shape, making it good when you are on a budget and need a fitting for a compact space.

There are several different options for models. They include male elbow, reducer, male connector, male branch tee, and male-run tee fittings.

Each of these has different shapes depending on the needs of your machine. Some are designed to allow for air to flow in different directions. Others, like the tee, allowing for multiple connections to be made. Reducers help, in particular, when the devices they connect have disparate sizes.

Evaluate the outside diameter for your tubing to match them against the fittings in question. Our website will notify you if certain combinations will not work together. That way you can make an informed decision and know which models can be delivered to your doorstep.

Orange Coast one-touch tube fittings come in metric and inch size pneumatic fittings and are available in a wide variety of sizes, body styles, and thread types. The specially designed packing provides positive sealing under pressure without the reduced flow common with compression fittings. SMC offers one-touch tube fittings in a number of special environments such as anti-static, flame resistant, clean room, DOT, and food service fittings.

The KA series is one of our top examples. It is designed for copper-free environments and can resist flames. You can use it in a vacuum as well and in systems that require anti-static features. Use these to comply with high-standard regulations.

If you need a valve that can handle pressure relief with the fittings, then try out the KE series. These fittings are designed to reduce pressure within a pneumatic system. You simply need to push the button. You can also get it as a screw-type if the one-touch fitting is not sufficient.

Use the KR series to handle a wide range of pressures within confined spaces. Each model can handle pressures with low and high volumes, to allow for flexibility. The spatter cover is great when a workplace has ample operations residue that can clog the machines. It has positive sealing and reduced resistance as well, to make operations even more efficient.

In addition to one-touch fittings, there are specialty fittings for different environments. These environments can include constant cleaning for food processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing. Others can have temperature extremes. In some cases, you may require refined control over airflow especially when an operation requires multiple directions for pressure to travel.

The KFG2 series is made of stainless steel and has no rubber within its seal. This means that it is highly corrosion-resistant and rustproof. The series is also designed to be grease-free, which reduces potential clogging.

These are thus great when you have environments with lots of water cleaning or high temperatures. Match them with polyurethane, soft and regular nylon, or polyolefin within pipes, tubing or hosing.

Does your application require high speed? Then try out the rotary KX series, with one-touch fittings matched with double ball race bearings. Anti-tube rotation ensures the lack of jostling during pressure or vacuum operations, as well as improper placement of connections.

Get Threaded Fittings And More At Ocean Coast Pneumatics

When you need connections for your pneumatic system, Orange Coast Pneumatics has all of the parts that you need. We can make specifications based on size and machine demands. Our specialists keep up to date on pneumatic technology developments, and when certain series have upgraded models.
Reach out to us today to get started. Orange Coast Pneumatics will help you make the right machine connections. Never worry about air leaks again thanks to our expertise. You can get a quick-connect or a push-to-connect fitting, to ensure that you are retaining good air.

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