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Pneumatic Connectors

Imagine what it would be like if you didn’t have any way to connect different pieces of air tubing together. You’d probably never be able to get any work done regardless of how sophisticated your air compressors and cylinders were. It’s not a pretty picture, but it’s one that would be the order of the day if it weren’t for the fact that pneumatic connectors really are on the market.

Some companies have even used pneumatic systems to power amusements and others have developed even more unusual applications for compressed air driven gear. The SMC connector line includes inch and metric one-touch fittings, fitting manifolds, and pneumatic tubing available in multiple colors, sizes, and materials:

• Comprehensive line of an inch or metric sized fittings, speed controllers, and tubing

• Includes clean room options and a broad set of specialized fitting and pneumatic tubing options

• Integrates one-touch fitting technology in both pneumatic fittings and speed controls

• Provides stainless steel fitting and brass fitting options

• Improves energy consumption, by providing lower pressure return stroke options

• Air cylinder speed control is critical to the longevity of your machine operation

That means you and your technical staff can spend less time worrying about whether things are going to work and more time doing the productive tasks that compressed air-driven equipment is designed to help you do. We invite you to take a few moments out of your busy day to browse our complete collection of connectors and accessories.

Pneumatic Tube Fittings, One Touch Tube Fittings, Air Cylinder Speed Controls, PTFE Fittings, And Tubing

Orange Coast Pneumatics is your single source option for all of your pneumatic fitting, tubing, and air cylinder speed control needs. You won’t have to go anywhere else if you’re looking for complex components or just a few little pieces of gear that will help you to keep your existing installation running smoothly for longer than you had thought possible.

Take a look at the check valves and fittings that we’ve been able to keep in stock. Each of these is designed to adhere to several industry-standard sizes, so you’ll be able to pick up components that fit your existing installation regardless of what size you built it around.

At the same time, this should be looked at as an incredible opportunity for those who are just starting out and want to build an entire installation around the idea of the best engineering practices that they can muster. You’ll want to find fittings, valves and even air tubes that all fit the same size so you can be sure that in the future your technical staff won’t have any difficulty finding suitable replacements for any component that was to fail.

Those who are looking at either designing systems that they’ll use while on the road or who have to make sure that they can swap out different components on a regular basis will certainly want to look into the field of quick connectors. More than likely, they’ll be able to find something that should prove remarkably helpful in this particular field since these devices are designed with that exact behavior in mind.

While you’re at it, you won’t want to forget about just getting some extra tubing so you won’t have to worry about running out of replacement materials at some point in the future.

Air Tubing & Related Accessories

Keeping sufficient supplies of consumables on hand at any given time is an important aspect of running any kind of business. The same goes for those who work in the manufacturing and industrial fields.

While you might not normally consider durable products like air tubing to be something worth calling a consumable, the fact of the matter is that you’ll want to ensure that you have sufficient stocks on hand just in case something were to happen and you all of a sudden needed to have supplies in order to keep on moving.

For instance, think a little bit about what you would do if you suddenly needed to put a number of new actuators in place and hook them up. Many people would have to go online and order additional air tubes before they started doing any of the work.

Companies that work in environments that involve higher temperatures or corrosive fluids are in luck, however, because OCP manufactures special fluoro-resin tubing that’s able to stand up to these harsh conditions. All you’ll need to do is get a bulk supply of it now and you’ll be stocked for the future.

Each length of tubing is provided in the following sizes:

  • 1/8-inch
  • 5/32-inch
  • 3/16-inch
  • 1.4-inch
  • 5/16-inch
  • 3/8-inch
  • Full 1/2-inch

That gives you quite a bit of flexibility when it comes time to run to a particular target since these sizes all work perfectly with compatible connectors from Orange Coast Pneumatics. Technicians can decide to standardize everything that they’re working with around one single size of auxiliary connectors so everything always fits.

Those of you who prefer to use SI measurements won’t have to be stuck doing conversions either. Metric tubing sizes of 3.2-16 millimeters are offered, which makes it even easier to pick out the right piece to work with any connectors you’re getting or may already have installed. In fact, you might want to consider investing in a group of connectors that you then later use as part of a standard set.

Anybody who is interested in revolutionizing their business operation around a few standard-sized pieces can greatly simplify their maintenance workflows simply by doing so. You won’t have to concern yourself with trying to find some odd connector any longer.

All it takes to get started is a few moments spent browsing our catalog for compressed air-driven components that can fit your company’s needs. In an overwhelming majority of situations, finding the right parts is much easier than you might have otherwise thought.

Find the Right Pneumatic Connectors for Your Business Operation At Orange Coast Pneumatics

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we carry the entire SMC connector line. No matter what kind of manufacturing, processing or other kind of work you do, we’ll make sure to provide you with the kind of connectors you need to do it.

Even if you feel like your own requirements are off the beaten path you should never feel afraid to contact us using our online form. Our experienced representatives will do their best to ensure that you get exactly what you need irrespective of the kind of work you’re doing.

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