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F.R.L. Combination Units

SMC’s air preparation (FRL) products offer a wide variety of filter, regulator, and lubricator units. They are used for removing contaminants from air systems such as water vapor, soil particulates, and oil droplets. When you want clean air, you want to use these.

FRL products also serve the double purpose of maintaining air pressure. Then you can maintain a cleaner supply of compressed air to use for powering your machine. For this reason, they are also called air preparation devices.

Why Your Air Supply Needs To Be Clean

Clean air helps with preventing clogs from developing through the various pathways. Such clogs can strain the machine, damage parts, and potentially endanger your operators if containing hazardous material. It will save you valuable time and money during regular operations.

Water vapor is among some of the most damaging types of contaminants. The droplets may seem small — usually on the micron scale when they enter a machine — but they can cause parts of the machine to rust. This reduces their lifespan and runs the risk of machine failure. Thus, you have to ensure that as much water is removed as possible from the air that goes into the machine, even if it is invisible to the human eye.

Types Of SMC F.R.L. Products

There are three types of single units that can be used to manage compressed air. In fact, they are essential components for your machine to ensure that the air can enter and exit smoothly while generating sufficient pressure.

Filters – Every pneumatic machine needs a filter, which catches potential contaminants as it goes through the system. Some are designed with removable cartridges, which have filtering elements designed to trap particles as the air is cooled within the machine.

Carbon filtering elements are one such example of this. Others simply need cleaning from time to time and do not need to be removed after becoming too clogged or dirty. It all depends on the design of your machine, and the means with which you want to clean your air.

Lubricators – Lubrication assists with easing the strain on moving parts within a pneumatic machine. By doing so they ensure the parts need less replacement over time, creates a tight seal within the pathways and prevents air from leaking due to damage.

Usually, the lubricant liquid is a form of oil that is dispensed when the cylinder rod retracts within the machine. A human operator can choose a lubricator and change its settings, to dispense a certain amount of oil automatically depending on the machine’s needs.

Regulators – Regulators are standard for pneumatic machines. They are used to make sure that the operating air pressure remains consistent within the whole setup. This is important for efficiency and cost savings.

When air pressure is too low, then there won’t be sufficient output from the machine. When the pressure is too high, then there is a waste of energy and output. Regulators ensure that you have a healthy balance for both.

Combination Units

Combination units involve merging necessary components to serve a dual or triple purpose. They include an air filter regulator, air filter regulator mist separator, ambient dryers, booster regulators, precision regulators, mist separators, and a wide range of accessories. When looking at the specifications on your parts, make sure you know the measurement system that provides the best match. These include metric, American, and European specs.

The AC-A series is meant for versatility and replaces the previous AC series, which was made for special environments. Each part requires 46 % less maintenance space, which is good for more compact setups. The 30 and 40 AC sizes have transparent bowls, ensuring that you can watch for potential problems and make sure that every individual component is working.

Obtain energy savings, with higher air flow rates and eight size options to ensure optimum performance for every application. Your machine will perform less work at the same rate, which means there is less strain on the internal systems.

You will maintain a cleaner environment with small Micron Filtration as standard to meet every application need. Reduced downtime with simple assembly and maintenance. Integrate electronic pressure switches, lockout valves, and “soft starts” for complete control over your pneumatic supply. Then you can handle any air pressure emergency that appears over the horizon.

Refine Your Pneumatic Equipment With Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics believes in ensuring that pneumatic systems should have clean air. If you are trying to decide how to increase airflow rates and reduce the potential for clogs, you can trust our experts. We’ll make recommendations on what parts are best, and what current series are good replacements for canceled ones.

Reach out to us today to get started and find your ideal FRL products. Orange Coast Pneumatics will add some appropriate filtering elements and lubrication to ensure that you have a clean air line. Trust us to have your back with FRL products that will reduce your operating costs and maintain regular business.

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