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Speed Controllers

Speed Controllers

Orange Coast Pneumatic speed controllers have a broad range of applications and specialty focus. These include air cylinder speed control use at low speed, and with residual pressure. Speed controllers are also called flow control valves or simply flow controls. They are usually connected to actuators, to either handle the air that is used to power the ancestors.

Further options within the series include a built-in one-touch fitting, an integrated pilot check valve, a meter-in, and meter-out dual flow control, a stainless steel option. One-touch fitting is great for convenience, while the pilot check valve is great when you want more safety within your pneumatic system. Your priorities will determine what model you should have for the system. We also add locking nuts on certain models to ensure you can mount with ease.

Our Selection Of Speed Control Valves

Browse our wide array of speed controllers on the website. We offer free shipping within the United States on bulk orders that are $300 in USD or above. Take advantage of our store credit if you need to buy with a loan, especially for larger purchases.

Each of our speed controllers has specifications for each individual model, and we notify you when certain combinations don’t work. Others will not be recommended while you find out about the best arrangements. That way you can make an informed choice.

Decide if you want them to manage pressure or rapid supply and exhaust. The former is called meter-in and the latter is meter-out. Choose the size, port size, threads, and tubing depending on your machine preferences.

With the ASR-ASQ series, the environmentally-conscious consumer can reduce air consumption by 25%. They are able to do this the inclusion of a quick supply exhaust valve. The valve reduces the number of return strokes. Air cylinder speed control is easy with this comprehensive line of products.

The ASS can do meter-in and meter-out, which makes the series very versatile. It is also designed for safety, hence why the ASS models are also called Safety Speed Control Valves (SSC). A fixed throttle for the meter-in model accidents from happening during operation. The ASS also adjusts for cases when there is no pressure within the given region, and will operate as normal after the pressure is restored.

Do you need a speed controller that uses no brass or copper? Then try the AS stainless steel series, when the work area requires constant cleaning. Such wash downs can potentially degrade the controller, so you need a waterproof material.

The AS stainless steel also has six different models depending on your system. Decide if you want one-touch or an indicator set, depending on your preferences. You have maximum control and tubing sizes ranging from 4mm to 12 mm in terms of OD.

If you like the AS series, it has different selections. The Standard series is designed for small spaces and easy mounting so that you can use it for heavy-duty systems. Decide if you want an in-line or elbow structure and if you want models in customary or metric size.

Different Materials For Speed Controllers

Stainless steel is a classic material to use in pneumatic parts. It is waterproof and resistant to rust or corrosion. Such conditions make the material perfect for various industrial applications that involve food safety or pharmaceuticals. These businesses must follow national regulations to not endanger customers with tampered products.

The tradeoff is that stainless steel in the short run is more expensive, but can save you on costs in the long run due to lasting longer. It can handle temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit, and in colder applications has a limit of -425 degrees. This makes it versatile and useful for different applications.

Brass is another item sometimes used for valves. The benefits are that brass is easy to shape and fairly portable, making it a convenient, low-cost option. It is also corrosion-resistant to an extent.

In our controllers, the brass versions have electroless nickel plating. The plating applies a nickel-alloy layer to give it protection against corrosion, adding either phosphorus or boron. Nickel plating also increases the part’s durability against wear and tear over time.

The tradeoff is that brass cannot handle heat temperatures above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, making it unsuitable for such extreme conditions. The metal will soften and weaken the controller in question. In addition, it has a threshold of 3000psi, making it better for low-pressure applications.

Improve Your Flow Rate With Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics is ready to help you find the right speed controllers for your system. We’ll provide recommendations on the right parts and how to mount them within your machines. Our specialists will be able to answer any questions you have and to make recommendations for replacements when certain parts are discontinued.

Reach out to us today to talk to our experts. Orange Coast Pneumatics is ready to get your flow control at high or low speeds. Let us manage your airflow with finesse, and with pneumatic technology.

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