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Pneumatic Sensors & Switches

Browse our selection fo pneumatic sensors and switches to help with managing your pressure thresholds. To further compliment an abundant line of air preparation and connector equipment, Orange Coast Pneumatics offers a selection of electronic sensors including digital pressure switches, vacuum switches, and flow switches. Monitor your air pressure and have the machine react quickly when you reach the desired pressure.

Pressure And Vacuum Switches, Flow Switches And Auto Switches (End Of Stroke Sensors)

All of our switches are available for Ocean Coast Pneumatics credit. We also offer free shipping on orders of over $300 throughout the United States, so as to accommodate bulk orders. They work well with your compressors, pneumatic cylinders and actuators. They also optimize efficiency for your system. Decide on your measuring range and lead wire. Some of these models can be used with certain connectors, if you prefer.

We have four types of auto switches and sensors that are meant for actuators and pneumatic grippers. They have two-color indicators which will notify you about the state of your air pressure, or you can get a general display. Convenience and ideal output is the key.

The Actuation Position Sensor is good when you prefer an analog to a digital output. It comes in four measurement lengths and is I/O compatible. Thus, the position sensor is good for a basic system.

When you need a sensor that will not collect residue from cleaning solvent or grime, try out the Hygienic sensor, which is better for sensitive environments. It uses railway mounting which makes the sensor very adjustable. The stainless steel case makes the sensor water-resistant, rustproof, and able to handle higher temperatures.

Are you producing a multitude of products, with differing expectations? Then you need vacuum sensors, that can accommodate that. We have vacuum sensors that work with liquids, or with compressed air.

Mechanical switches for liquids will signal when the desired output pressure is reached. They work especially well in environments where electronic switches can prove hazardous, say with combustible liquids or water that would short out the devices. These switches can work with AC or DC currents. Decide if brass or stainless steel is a better choice.

The integrated display is designed to show the largest amount of data to the human operator. They have a low learning curve, which makes them very user-friendly. The buttons are designed for a simple adjustment, or to allow for a review of the important numbers. In addition, certain models like the ZSE20 can save on energy consumption while monitoring a low vacuum and output pressure. It also complies with UL/CSA, CE and RoHS guidelines for manufacturing and safety.

Industries That Use Pneumatic Switches

Many different industries have devices that implement these switches and sensors, to turn off gas when it reaches a certain limit. It’s important for gas compressors, when either there is no feed or when the pressure achieves the desired threshold. This makes sure that there are no deadly leaks in your house or workplace.

Renewable energy can also use pneumatic sensors. Consider how the sun changes position during the day, which can affect how solar panels absorb the energy needed to power homes or facilities. Pneumatic or hydraulic sensors can help panels automatically adjust to absorb as much sun as possible. Combining two renewable sources of energy can only increase efficiency.

To a lesser extent, airlines use these switches to monitor air control within planes. Certain altitudes can lead to low pressure, which means less oxygen for pilots, attendants, and passengers. When these sensors come on, then oxygen masks are distributed to everyone so that no one suffers from hypoxia, a form of suffocation. As you can imagine, these sensors need to work properly to ensure every passenger’s safety.

Sensors can greatly increase the potential for data collection and management. By monitoring temperature and pressure levels relative to output, these sensors can provide means by analyzing ideal circumstances for industrial manufacturing. Human operators can refine how they maintain pneumatic devices and the best environments for them.

Handle Your Control Systems With Orange Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics is your single shop for buying pneumatic switches and sensors. We have a wide array of switches in stock, and the expertise on which ones are best suited for your machines. If certain series go out of stock, our specialists will make recommendations on other fits that may even suit your machine better.

Contact us today to get started. Orange Coast Pneumatics wants to help you refine your machine and ensure that you achieve the right amount of pressure for regular operations. Let us help with the right sensors, whether for data collection or operator safety in the workplace. Save your wasted energy as well with our selection.

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