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Pneumatic air pressure switches play a vital role in machines, determining valve operation and enabling steady airflow. When these switches fail, they can disrupt production and impede pneumatic operations, causing a significant problem.

Imagine the frustration of experiencing a switch failure in your pneumatic system. Without a functioning switch, airflow becomes restricted, leading to delays, reduced productivity, and potential financial losses. The consequences of such disruptions can be overwhelming, jeopardizing your operational efficiency and profitability.

Fortunately, we have the perfect solution to address your pneumatic switch needs. When it comes to selecting the right pneumatic switch for your setup, we offer a wide range of options to meet your requirements. Consider the following types:

Electronic Pneumatic Switches

Our electronic air pressure switches are easy to install and adaptable to various systems. They receive a current signal, which prompts the necessary valve openings for airflow. Check your power source to ensure compatibility with the DC current required. While electronic switches provide convenience, it's crucial to exercise caution due to the higher risk of combustion and fires associated with electricity.

For example, our PS1000 series offers compact electrical switches with an L configuration. These switches utilize rotary movement to measure positive pressure accurately. They are suitable for noncorrosive and noncombustible gases, and a red LED indicator notifies you when the pressure is ready. Choose from an R06 or an R07 port to meet your specific needs.

Alternatively, consider the ISE2 Pressure Switch, which provides a digital output without an analog equivalent. This option is ideal for basic pneumatic setups requiring a single direction of airflow and cost-effective solutions.

Mechanical Pneumatic Switches

If you prefer a mechanical alternative, our mechanical switches are activated by air pressure and eliminate the need for electricity. They offer the advantage of compatibility with both AC and DC currents. With a piston and spring mechanism, these switches generate energy to open valves and ensure efficient operation.

Our top mechanical pressure switch, the IS10 Pressure Switch with Male Thread, features a piston-mounted magnet that enables action with kinetic energy. It offers two set pressure ranges for added flexibility and optimal performance.

In cases where electronic switches cannot be used, the IS3000 mechanical switch serves as a reliable option. It can be wired open or closed, depending on your system's requirements, and offers high repeatability for enhanced production optimization.

Mechanical switches are particularly suitable for pneumatic systems involving hydraulic fluid or water, where the risk of short circuits or explosions due to electronics is a concern. By relying on air pressure, you can prioritize operator safety and ensure uninterrupted operation.

SMC Pressure Switches & Sensors from Orange Coast Pneumatics 

Whether you need switches for air compressors, tanks, or pathways within your machine, our air pressure switches are strategically located to provide precise control. The pivotal switch that connects air pressure to the actuator ensures seamless valve operation, enabling the conversion of mechanical power to kinetic energy and facilitating optimal output.

From hot tub jets to dental drills and industrial applications in manufacturing and cleaning, our air pressure switches find numerous applications, giving you full control over pressure regulation in various processes.

Choose our reliable pneumatic switches and experience uninterrupted airflow, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind in your operations.

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