KV2, Fitting Connector

Pneumatic systems play a crucial role in many industrial and commercial operations. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that all the components used in these systems meet strict safety and performance standards. 

DOT-compliant air line fittings ensure the safe and efficient transfer of compressed air from one component to another. At Orange Coast Pneumatics, our KV2 DOT- and SAE-compliant fitting connectors maximize the productivity of any pneumatic system.

Select the best composite connectors for your operations with our SMC Part Builder. Then, continue reading to learn about the benefits of these invaluable pneumatic components.

KV2 Fitting Connector

The KV2 Series by SMC Corporation of America is produced from rugged ultraviolet and vibration resistant composite. Their one-touch technology simplifies tube insertion (with strong tube-holding force) and removal. 

KV2's patented seal empowers tube-cut angles that are well above the standard in the heavy vehicle industry. In fact, KV2 connectors meet several industry standards, including: 

  • FMVSS 571.106
  • SAE J1131 
  • SAE J2494

Their compact design makes them ideal for tight spaces where traditional fittings are incompatible. At the same time, they offer a secure connection that can withstand the high pressures typically found in pneumatic systems — preventing leaks and maximizing efficiency and safety.

DOT Air Fittings from OC Pneumatics

Without a secure and reliable connection between components, your pneumatic system may experience leaks or malfunctions. This can lead to downtime, lost productivity, and even safety hazards.

DOT-compliant air fittings, such as KV2 fitting connectors, are designed to meet strict safety and performance standards set by the Department of Transportation (DOT). These standards help to ensure that the fittings are safe to use in industrial and commercial environments.

Read the KV2 Series Catalog to learn more about the DOT fittings offered at OC Pneumatics. Then, continue reading to discover how to order the perfect solution for your operations.

How to Order DOT Push-To-Connect Air Fittings

To order KV2 DOT push-to-fit air fittings, use the SMC Part Builder below to select the right configuration code for:

  • Body Style
  • Tube A Size
  • Tube B Size (if applicable)
  • Thread-Tube Size
  • Sealant & Body Length

The meaning of each code is identified in the drop-down menu, or you can opt to receive an Ordering Guide in your email inbox. Otherwise, complete the process by making a selection where required.

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