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Static Control

Have you ever stopped to think about just how powerful some of the most common forces are? Static electricity is like that. While you might not necessarily think of it as particularly powerful, it has enough force to seriously damage or flat out destroy certain types of sensitive electronics that you might have connected to a pneumatic system.

In fact, you might find that some parts malfunction merely because you were dedicated to using a dryer or other necessary components. As the air gets dryer, it starts to develop more of the potential to create static charges. While this is an oversimplification of a very complex issue, you’ve probably seen this kind of principle at work yourself if you’ve ever taken the opportunity to scuff your feet against a carpet while you’re in a very dry room.

Perhaps you experienced during winter or perhaps you had the misfortune to work with some kind of compressed air-driven component or some type of sensitive electronic that got damaged just as soon as you came into contact with it. Either way, you need a good solid solution for dealing with this problem.

Orange Coast Pneumatics is there for you with a whole mess of pieces of equipment that can help you control static and reduce the risk of it crackling throughout your installation.

Static Control Systems for Every Pneumatic Use Case

Browse our selection of static control components for your pneumatic machine. Prevent tiny electronic parts from getting damaged with these components, and ensure that you have protection against surprising high charge buildups. Any little bit of friction between two dissimilar surfaces can cause an initial charge.

Accumulated static electricity causes problems in the manufacturing environment. After all, a static charge is a buildup of electrons in a concentrated area. A discharge happens if a conducting surface comes in contract with the area and allows it to transfer. You can observe this phenomenon if rubbing your hand against a material like wool and then touching metal.

Plastic wrap, foam packing, or labels cling and attract dust and dirt, causing misapplication or contamination. Sticking is a serious concern, in terms of how it builds friction. In some cases, excess static charges damage sensitive electronic components. Even the comfort and safety of personnel can be compromised. Worst of all, it doesn’t matter much where you live or what kind of climate you’re in because static is going to be a major issue nearly universally. It affects everyone working in every industry. Those who find themselves in manufacturing might be worst off.

This danger is less pronounced in pneumatics relative to pure electronic and hydraulic operations but is still present if you have electrical components. If you work in environments that involve flammable liquid, electric shocks even from static can risk combustion. Do what you can to reduce the discharge, so that your workplace is not filled with fires and explosions.

In countless situations, people have actually switched to using pneumatic equipment instead of various alternatives because they’re able to avoid sparking hazards by doing so. You might be surprised to learn that there’s still at least some risk.

If you’re working with certain types of dangerous materials, then you’ll want to work to further reduce whatever risk remains. The same goes for those who are heavily invested in various types of electro-pneumatic air regulators and other parts that could be potentially damaged by any type of discharge.

Fortunately, those who need additional protection have several options open to them.

Static Control Options For Pneumatic Systems

Bar ionizers are perhaps the most popular solution with many individuals, in part because they can allow the removal of static energy in a 0.3s time scale simply by generating the appropriate polarity ions to counteract it. This is incredibly fast. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to even measure that kind of time. On top of this, a modern bar ionizer would feature needle cartridge change ports that make it easy to simply replace or clean the needle cartridges without too much of a challenge.

More than likely, this is going to be the first choice among countless people who are considering the deployment of some sort of static control system. There are other options out on the market, though. Fan ionizers do a similar job yet they don’t require an active pneumatic air supply. The fan on these modules draws in ar from around them and then ionizers it with electrodes that are located around the discharge grill. A tool like this will run off of a regular 24VDC machine power supply. Those who would provide to use a regular wall socket can invest in an optional 120VAC adapter to do the same thing. They come in a surprisingly small form factor, which works well with an optional mounting bracket.

Depending on the exact class of equipment that you plan to work with, there are still yet other options available too. For instance, small and medium-sized parts can be extremely sensitive to static as well as dust adhesion that’s caused by static. Any ZVB ion box combines three different functions to help those out who are dealing with this issue. It neutralizes static, removes dust, and then collects it.

When a part enters the box, the equipment inside detects its presence with a photoelectric sensor. Static removal begins almost immediately. Once it’s done, the system introduces a gust of air to keep everything clean. The duration of the treatment lasts as long as the setting on an exterior switch on the control panel.

It can handle any of the following components:

  • Optical quality glass
  • Products molded from resin
  • Electronic circuit boards
  • Medical devices

There’s a good chance that you might eventually think up countless alternative uses for this style of technology. Regardless of what specific usage you need when it comes to static control, we’ve made sure to do our best to keep things in stock so you can get the kinds of parts you need to keep your business moving.

Find Static Control Parts For Your Small Business At Orange Coast Pneumatics

Small business owners are often the first to suffer whenever there’s a shortage of any kind of equipment. Eventually, larger firms will suffer in the same way as soon as their equipment stocks start to become depleted. No matter whether you represent a large mega-sized operation or something more modest, Orange Coast Pneumatics can help you find the static control tools best for you.

Make sure to contact us online and get in touch with one of our seasoned representatives so they can provide you with up-to-date information about what’s currently on the market.

Technologists and engineers are always studying the impact of static discharges on sensitive equipment, thus you can be sure that there’s going to be a number of advances made in the near future that will eventually make their way into the world of compressed air-driven workplace tools.

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