Browse our selection of pneumatic air filters. These will clean your systems and prevent clogs that can cause issues with airflow and damaged parts. Certain series are also designed to work with different systems, and removing particles of particular micron sizes.

On orders over $300, you can receive free shipping on filters to locations within the United States. We also have Orange Coast Pneumatic credit that you can use for purchases. When you make selections, we will notify you if a certain size and filter combinations will not work, to save you on time and refine your choices.

Pneumatic Air Filters

SMC’s modular style air filter combines the element and bowl in one piece, making element replacement easy. We specify which particulate sizes that each one can remove from your system and collect, so you can figure out which has the adequate one. The modular design of the AF allows connection with other SMC air preparation equipment.

One type of filter is a mist separator, which assists with vapors. We recommend the AFM-A series. It has three different thread types and sizes. Sizes 30 and 40 offer transparency so that you can locate when the filters need cleaning or replacement, and you can witness it with 360-degree visibility.

In addition, an AFM-A can filter out particulates as small as .3 microns. Each model in the series matches the AF series and will work well in tandem. This will meet your clean-room requirements to meet industry standards.

You can also find filters that can meet cost-effective budgets and smaller spaces. Try the AF-A series, one of the newest types for modular designs. It is reduced in size for a compact design.

We also have filter accessories to ensure that you have suitable replacements for the tiniest parts. These are good for when you have to handle a large volume of air for pneumatic industrial operations and abide by regulations for sanitation. Take a look at our replacement filter element for the AFD and AFM series.

For the former, they will remove particles as small as .01 microns. The AFM replacement filter element handles particulates that are in the .3 micron size. When you match them with the right series, the replacements good for when your machine gets too clogged.

Removing Damaging Water Vapor And Dirt Particles from Compressed Air Systems

Clean air or gases are a necessity for your machine. While air is a free and renewable resource to use to generate energy, it usually has many other elements in it besides oxygen that people use to breathe. Nitrogen is the most common gas within natural air and is fairly harmless, but other particles exist that could potentially cause clogs or rusting. These include water vapor, dirt particles, and oil droplets.

Many of these particles are too small for the human eye to see, and some can be as small as 5 micrometers. Even so, they are able to damage your systems and require you to replace parts or make repairs. That can also slow down operations.

Water vapor runs the risk of causing parts to rust or to clog the machine. It exists everywhere in the air, even in drier climates. While they are in gas form, the vapor will travel before condensing in cooler environments. Then the droplets can condense, rust nearby parts, and cause water damage.

The vapor is also no good for industrial environments with extremely cold conditions. Water expands when it is cooled and it can freeze, which in turn can slow down production and cause further damage. Operators in cold climates, either indoors or outdoors, need to account for such freezing.

What about dirt particles? These can cause clogs within airflow, no matter their size. They accumulate and become sludge, which can block the pathways in the machine. You would rather avoid that, for convenience and do not have to clean the machine manually. In some cases, you may have to do more repairs and replacements if you don’t account for the dirt.

Oil droplets can cause the same problem. As an added hazard, some forms of oil are combustible, which can increase workplace risks. They also repel water, so mixing with the aforementioned vapors can cause further damage as they lower pressure and force the machines to work harder.

Other parts of production can suffer if you have oil or dirt particulates. It can get onto certain products during operation, damaging them and ruining an entire inventory if not caught in time.

Improve Your Pneumatic System With Orange Coast Pneumatics

The experts at Orange Coast Pneumatics want to ensure that you have clean compressed air. We educate all of our customers on the importance of ensuring that you have no clogs or damage.

Reach out to us today to choose the right filters for you. Orange Coast Pneumatics is ready to get you started in cleaning your air and running a viable system

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