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Stainless Steel Body

Wouldn’t you like pneumatic fittings and adapters that will stand up to the trials of your business’ day to day operations without corroding? Stainless steel pneumatic valve actuators can do just this.

Due to the fact that stainless steel is such an efficient and stable alloy, it resists oxidation and won’t rust anywhere near as readily as other metal parts would. A stainless steel body is capable of standing up to a healthy amount of abuse. Naturally, no part is going to be able to withstand every possible exterior force, but these can deal with a fair amount of moisture before anything happens.

Since so many of these components ship in standard sizes, you won’t even have to worry about them not fitting in your existing installation. Stainless steel is versatile, and many actuators feature them. You may be interested, though, in the specific reasons that stainless steel body parts are so useful.

Moisture In Compressed Air Lines

The air around us has at least a small amount of moisture dissolved in it. Regardless of how dry things might be, there’s always a small bit. You might consider using a dryer added to your compressed air-driven equipment if you have to deal with excessive levels of humidity due to the location that your business is based in, but there’s still the question of moisture dissolved in the air that surrounds all of our equipment.

In either case, that moisture can act as water that will bond over a period of time with iron molecules in steel. When that happens, these molecules turn into iron oxide. That’s more commonly referred to as rust.

Stainless steel has some special properties that can help to reduce the risk of this happening. In fact, stainless steel is trusted in many industries for a wide variety of purposes because of these properties. For instance, it’s used for medical implements as well as household tools and cutlery. Some people have viewed its application, both in the pneumatics industry and outside of it, as an investment in high-quality components that will reduce costs over the long haul because they don’t have to be replaced on a regular basis.

Keep in mind that these unique properties come from the fact that stainless steel is a certain type of alloy that’s made out of a specific mix of materials. You may be interested in learning a bit more about these materials, especially if you’ve ever been concerned that stainless steel might not be right for you. In an overwhelming majority of instances, though, it should be the ideal solution for your pneumatic needs.

What Stainless Steel Consists Of In Valves

That being said, you might be a little skeptical because of something you might have tried in the past. Over time, stainless steel has become such a popular material that the name itself has lost some of the drawing power that it used to have. This is because some unscrupulous organizations haven’t used absolutely genuine 100 percent stainless steel in construction. You won’t have to worry, because Orange Coast Pneumatics works with top suppliers like SMC to provide high-quality pieces to consumers.

Good quality stainless steel usually has more than 10 percent chromium in it, along with iron and a mix of a few other substances that ensure that it will be able to resist corrosion and stand up to everything that your manufacturing or amusement operation can throw at it. You won’t have to worry when you invest in any of our products since they’re going to ship made from high-quality materials that only include these genuine substances.

Consider, for instance, the space-saving compact CM3 cylinder. It’s a double-acting single rod cylinder that’s fully functional and even RoHS compliant. What makes it so different, though, is the fact that it’s made from real stainless steel. This allows it to be small while still being resistant to corrosion as well as easy to clean.

You’ll also want to give some thought to the NCM series of stainless steel cylinders since they’re another great example of how durable this kind of equipment really is.

Stainless Steel Body Cylinder Components

Like other examples, NCM series cylinders are made from genuine stainless steel and save space over some other competing designs. They’re high-performance components that are designed from the ground up to be interchangeable with other stainless steel cylinders.

Each model is equipped with a wear ring that extends the overall seal life as well as a bronze rod bushing that ships standard on all bore sizes you’re likely to come into contact with. Each NCM unit is available in four different mounting styles:

• Double-end

• Front nose

• Rear pivot

• Block mount

You’ll also be able to find spring return and spring extend models in addition to those equipped with a more traditional double rod design. Technicians are free to fit them with an automatic switch. They won’t even have to change the cylinder dimension to do so. You’ll find them in standard strokes from ½-12 inches as well as bore sizes that are up to two inches each.

Of course, this is only one of several different examples that you could come across if you’re interested in deploying a full set of parts. All you’ll need to do is get a little more information and place an order.

Finding Stainless Steel Body Components That Work For Your Company At Orange Coast Pneumatics

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we’ve made sure to stock plenty of these components that should be able to stand in for almost any other type of fitting made of an inferior metal. No matter what kind of manufacturing, entertainment, repair or other types of equipment you use, there are stainless steel-bodied parts that should help to ensure that you are able to hold your gear together for the long term.

If you’ve ever been concerned about corrosion, then make sure to contact us online today and ask more about what kinds of cylinders would be best for your organization. A seasoned representative from Orange Coast Pneumatics will be sure to get back to you in order to help you find the best pieces of equipment to take care of the job.

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