NCM, Air Tank

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, you can find the best air tanks for your system. They are also known as air receivers air compressor tanks, or compressed air tanks. No matter the name, each is a useful component for storage, removing contaminants from the air, and increasing the lifespan of your machine with built-in maintenance.

Series NCM stainless steel cylinder offers space savings, high performance, and interchangeability with other stainless steel cylinders. A wear ring extends the seal life and a bronze rod bushing is standard on all bore sizes.

The NCM is available in 4 mounting styles (front nose, double end, rear pivot, and block mount) as well as double rod and spring return or spring extend models. The NCM is auto-switch capable without any change in cylinder dimension. Bore sizes range from 7/16″ to 2″ and standard strokes from 1/2″ to 12″.

Types Of Pneumatic Air Tanks

Air compressor tanks either store wet or dry compressed air. The differences seem small, but they are crucial towards your setup. These tanks also will determine how you will handle contaminants.

Wet air compressor tanks are set up before the molecules enter the compressor. Each is designed to ease the burden on the compressor’s pre-filter component. They receive the wet air before it enters the machine, specifically into the drying system.

One advantage is that it helps reduce more contaminants, by removing a high portion of water vapor and other droplets ahead of time. The filtration also reduces the strain on the compressor’s filter element and keeps the pressure stable.

Dry compressor tanks, in contrast, are located after the air dryer within the machine. In this case, they don’t require for the molecules to be dried further. As a result, they don’t need the air to pass through a filter. One advantage is that this reduces the strain on the machine’s dryer.

Your storage requirements and ideal airflow will determine the air receivers that you get. Wet and dry receivers can be used in the same system, in the cases of high volume.

The Purpose Of Pneumatic Air Receiver

A pneumatic air receiver does more than hold air. It serves multiple functions that increase energy efficiency and cleanliness within the machine. In fact, we recommend that every system should have one for these reasons.

First, the receiver provides the necessary storage for compressed air. This may seem like an obvious purpose, but otherwise, an air compressor would have to pump the molecules directly into the system. The compressor has to do more work to reach the same necessary pressure and runs the risk of wearing out faster.

The receiver also reduces the amount of compressor strain by targeting and dampening the latter’s pressure pulses. These pulses are signals that tell the machine that the ideal pressure can power the actuator. When the receiver reduces these signals, it also ensures that the compressor is not overworking itself.

Second, the receiver ensures that air pressure is consistent when entering the system and stabilizes it. Each receiver usually has a pressure gauge that sets a standard for the machine. This also allows for more energy efficiency, in that the air in question won’t be wasted.

This works in both the case of having excess air or having too little; when the machine is not working, the excess air will not cause the machine to turn on outside of operating hours. When there is a high demand for energy, the receiver can provide the necessary air. If there is low demand, then the tank can store it until further use. Higher capacities, in general, are preferred.

Fluctuations in pressure can be a hazard and an inconvenience. A set amount of pressure signals certain valves to open and transfers kinetic energy to the actuator, powering the machine. Too little pressure means that the machine won’t function, and the compressor has to do twice the amount of work. If there is too much pressure, as mentioned, the machine will have too much power and this can lead to wasted energy as well.

Improve Your Compressed Air System With Parts From Ocean Coast Pneumatics

Orange Coast Pneumatics will ensure that you have clean air. We have experts who will educate you on the parts that you need for such an occasion. Our specialists can match you with the right parts, and how to assemble them.

Reach out to us today to get started. Our specialists are ready to answer all of your questions. Orange Coast Pneumatics will guide you towards clean air using your compressed air tank.

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