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Pneumatic Manifolds

Have you ever considered how much time it takes to configure a pneumatic component that you often have to switch out? If you have, then it’s more than likely obvious that you’re spending entirely too much time doing it. Then you end up running into connection problems and other issues that make the process far more complicated than it needs to be.

You might be thinking that you don’t have to worry about this sort of problem because you seldom ever have to change out your equipment. While this might be true of simple installations, you’ll want to consider using a pneumatic manifold to improve the quality and ease of every connection you make.

Convenient Junction Points

Manifolds allow multiple tubes to be connected or disconnected in a one touch operation without tube connection errors. The time required for connection and disconnection is substantially reduced.

This has made them especially popular with technicians and other staffers who often find themselves needing to swap out different connections or mount a new tool to an air compressor that’s already been deployed. If you have a number of tools assigned to each individual in your organization and want to periodically make adjustments, then this might be the best option for everyone involved.

That makes working with pneumatic gear far more simple than it might be if you were doing so with nothing but raw components. Air fittings, especially those that are made from high-quality materials have become easier to work with over time. Nevertheless, a manifold makes it all the simpler and you won’t have to worry about the possibility of incorrectly sliding together an adapter.

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we’ve made sure to put together quite a collection of these parts to make the process of selecting one a breeze. Take a look at the following varieties and see if you can’t find a device that will make working with pneumatic adapters much more efficient.

Advantages of Using Pneumatic Manifolds

If you’ve ever done any work with automotive equipment, then you already know the advantages of an engine manifold. Automakers use these parts to provide a central location to connect disparate routes together, which ensures a clear and efficient path throughout an engine. The same can be said of compressed air-driven equipment that works in this manner.

You can connect many different parts together with pneumatic manifolds. They provide convenient one touch operation, so you can be sure that things are attached together the moment that you slide one component up against another. This also helps to ensure that you will no longer have the kind of tube connection errors that put you between a rock and a hard place when you’re trying to align all of the various types of air fittings that you might be working with.

These can be quite annoying, so the fact that manifolds can prevent them is a really big deal. If you’ve ever had a misaligned fitting cause you to lose air in a circuit or start bleeding off pressure, then you already know how much of a problem this can be. This alone would help to save a lot of time, since you wouldn’t have any need to take any substantial troubleshooting steps once you have everything worked out correctly.

On top of this, though, a properly installed pneumatic manifold can help to cut down on how much time you have to spend connecting tubes in the first place. All you need to do in order to get one to work is touch the two fittings in question next to each other. That’s good news for anyone who might have found it difficult to connect air fittings together while they have tools in one hand and they’re trying to do something with another.

Engineers have done an excellent job making parts interface between one another better than they ever had in the past. That being said, it can still be quite a challenge to work with your favorite pieces of gear while you’re engaged on another job.

Options for Pneumatic Power Air Manifolds

Pneumatic engineering specialists have done their best to come up with a wide variety of different types of solutions that meet the needs of various organizations. Those with particular use cases might want to consider a rotary union low torque option that comes with a metal seal.

This type of unit belongs to the type MQR series of manifolds, which can help to make it easy to supply air to parts that either rotate or slide together on a regular basis. Those who have manufacturing equipment that make use of this kind of a motion will certainly want to consider install a manifold that’s capable of dealing with it.

Of course, more traditional linear manifolds are also on the market and these have remained perennially popular. Consider the KM14 series, which is descended from a long line of one-touch fitting-equipped manifold devices. In general, KM series equipment tends to be extremely flexible. Six different model options are offered, and you can find both male thread as well as female thread ones on certain devices.

Depending on the type of equipment you’re working with, you could consider getting polyurethane, nylon or even soft nylon tubes as part of the manifold. You might want to think about the specific type of work being done and what kind of lines your organization is already invested in, since it’s so easy to pick a technology that’s tailored to your firm’s specific use case.

More than likely, there’s something out there for you regardless of what particular industry you might currently be engaged in. Compressed air-driven equipment is always changing, which means that technicians are always doing their best to keep up with these new developments. You’ll always want to see what sorts of new equipment they’ve come up with in order to ensure that you’re not missing out on any of the great new solutions that they’ve come up with.

Follow New Developments In Pneumatic Manifold Construction At Orange Coast Pneumatics

At times, people have thought that they needed to go out of their way to find custom pneumatic manifolds. While there certainly are some very specific use cases that will call for something mere standard devices can’t fulfill, there’s no reason that you unquestionably need to invest in a customized solution because there are so many choices already on the market.
Take a few moments to look over our current offerings and then make sure to contact us online if you have any questions. Our friendly and knowledgeable representatives will be more than happy to help you find the kind of equipment that you need.

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