PF3W7-L, Digital Water Flow Sensor, IO-Link, -LJgt

Applications requiring a constantly monitored flow of cooling or cleaning water now have the perfect solution with the launch of the new PF3W Digital Flow Switch Series from the world leaders in pneumatics - SMC. Developed following the success of SMC’s PF2W flow switch range, their R&D engineers have now taken these flow switches to a new level by improving both their design and operating performance. Depending on the selected model, the new Series PF3W is now up to 40% smaller in volume than the previous range thereby offering improved piping space and flexibility. Designed to work with fluids up to 90ºC, these switches incorporate an in-built temperature sensor so that both flow and fluid temperature can be effectively monitored at the same time. According to SMC engineers, pressure losses have also been reduced when compared to the previous range and the new PF3W can also be used with ethylene glycol operating fluid making these switches ideal for use in chiller type applications. Further improvements include the addition of two screens incorporating three colour numerical displays which can also be rotated in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions thereby offering even better display visibility during operation. Available as non grease type and with analogue output if required, the new Series PF3W range meets IP 65 enclosure protection standards and are both RoHS and CE compliant.

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