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IZT43, Nozzle Ionizer, Separate Controller an-LBVT

The IZT43 nozzle ionizer combines a compact emitter head with separate controller and power supply modules to enable static control treatment in spaces with limited clearance.  When an air supply is connected to the built-in fitting, the nozzle can project a cone of static eliminating ions toward a target up to 2000mm/6.5 ft away.  The application of treatment from a single nozzle saves expensive compressed air compared to a multi-emitter bar, ideal for smaller targets.  Static removal is also possible at a closer distance with no air supply.  The nozzle can be located up to 3m/9.8 ft from the controller, for remote settings and monitoring at the operator's workstation.  Control parameters include AC or DC ion emission mode, ion generation frequency, and offset voltage adjustment.  Feedback includes an adjustable emitter contamination alarm, 10 operational alarms, frequency and balance displays, and channel indicator.  Setup keys can be locked for security.  Ion generation can be stopped via input signal.  Extending the value of IZT43, one controller can manage a maximum of 4 ionizing nozzles.  Separation cables of up to 3m/9.8 ft allow a flexible layout of power supplies for a multi-nozzle installation.  IZT nozzles and bars can be combined for further flexibility.  Emitter cartridges are easily removed without tools, for cleaning or end-of-life replacement.  Individual cables and nozzle bodies are also available as spare parts to replace if damaged.

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