Vacuum Switches

Vacuum switches are essential tools for optimizing your pneumatic systems. They elevate efficiency while reducing the risk of system failures. As an integral component, they manage system pressure with precision, offering superior reliability even under harsh industrial conditions.

Here at Orange Coast Pneumatics, we prioritize your pneumatic needs. Our supplies and equipment ensure smooth operations for your business. 

That is why our catalog includes a wide range of vacuum switches options to meet your specific requirements. Stay with us to learn all about vacuum switches. We’ll provide essential insights that will help you choose the right vacuum switch for you.

What Is A Vacuum Switch?

A vacuum switch is a device that senses a change in vacuum pressure within a system and responds accordingly. This pressure-sensitive instrument regulates and maintains the vacuum level by activating a response—such as an alarm, a light, or system shutdown when a predetermined pressure threshold is met or exceeded. This critical functionality helps avoid system malfunctions and contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your operations.

Pressure Switch vs Vacuum Switch: What’s The Difference?

Pressure switches and vacuum switches, while similar in their purpose of regulating pressure within a system, have distinct applications tied to the types of conditions they monitor and control.

A pressure switch is designed to respond to changes in fluid or gas pressure within a system. It's typically set to activate or deactivate at a specific pressure threshold, usually to prevent pressure from becoming too high. For instance, it might shut off a pump when a certain pressure level is reached to avoid a hazardous pressure buildup.

On the other hand, a vacuum switch operates under low pressure or vacuum conditions. It's engineered to monitor and control the vacuum level within a system. The switch activates a response—such as an alarm or system shutdown—when a predetermined vacuum threshold is met or exceeded. 

In essence, while pressure switches deal with potentially excessive pressure, vacuum switches are concerned with managing pressure that's lower than atmospheric level. The choice between the two depends on the specific requirements of your system.

What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Switches?

The three primary types of vacuum switches are mechanical, pneumatic, and electronic. Each variant offers specific advantages that can be tailored to your unique operational needs.

Mechanical Vacuum Switches

Mechanical vacuum switches operate through the mechanical movement of internal components when the vacuum pressure reaches a certain threshold. Rugged and reliable, these switches are often favored in environments where durability is a must, making them a top choice for your more rigorous applications.

Pneumatic Vacuum Switches

Pneumatic vacuum switches, on the other hand, use air pressure as their operational medium. They offer the benefits of simple design and efficient performance, and are highly suited to environments with a high degree of fluctuation in vacuum pressure levels. This adaptive characteristic makes them a smart choice for your more dynamic applications.

Electronic Vacuum Switches

Last but not least, electronic vacuum switches use a transducer to convert pressure into an electrical signal, which triggers a response. Offering high precision, adjustable settings, and digital communication capability, these switches are perfect for your most technologically advanced applications.

Our Vacuum Switch Series

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we offer a wide range of vacuum switches to meet your specific needs. Each of our switches stands out for their superior quality, reliability, and performance. They are designed to handle a variety of vacuum pressure levels, making them adaptable to a variety of operations.

Below we present two of our numerous vacuum switches series:

ZSE30A Series

The ZSE30A series is a high-precision digital pressure switch that's designed for optimal control and monitoring. This series offers exceptional performance with features such as dual-color display, digital pressure control, copy function, and error output. 

With its improved visibility and user-friendly interface, the ZSE30A series is suitable for a variety of industrial applications, offering users an efficient, precise, and reliable solution for their pressure management needs.

ZSE20(F) Series

The ZSE20(F) series provides a versatile vacuum switch solution with a compact design that's perfect for systems where space is limited. This series includes features like an easy-to-read, two-screen, two-color digital display, adjustable response time, and selectable pressure units. 

The ZSE20(F) series ensures precise vacuum control, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications in diverse industries. Whether your operation requires a high degree of precision or seeks to maximize available space, the ZSE20(F) series provides the reliability and performance you need.

Get High-Quality Vacuum Switches At Orange Coast Pneumatics

The importance of vacuum switches can't be overstated—they offer precise control, reliability, and durability, all of which are key to the smooth operation of your pneumatic systems.

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we understand these needs. We offer a broad array of vacuum switches, each selected for their unmatched quality and performance. Trust us to provide the perfect vacuum switch solution tailored to your unique operational requirements.

You can reach out to our team today and we’ll help find the perfect vacuum switch for your needs.

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