Booster Regulators

Booster regulators are indispensable tools for any business seeking high performance pneumatic systems. They allow you to increase the pressure in your main airlines without the need for any electrical input or auxiliary equipment. Unlike many other parts, they don't require a lot of additional accessories to function.

Without booster regulators, your business runs the risk of suboptimal performance of your pneumatic systems, leading to reduced efficiency and speed in your operations.Refraining from using booster regulators also exposes you to potential increase in energy consumption and higher maintenance costs over time.

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we help professionals get the most out of their pneumatic systems by providing them with high quality tools and equipment. Keep reading to learn all about booster regulators and how they can help enhance your operations.

Why Should You Use Booster Regulators?

Booster regulators are critical for maintaining balance in pneumatic systems. Their primary role is to provide a short-term increase in pressure. This surge in pressure results in faster, more precise operations, leading to increased overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Their unique value lies in their ability to provide high-pressure output, while keeping the input pressure at a lower level. This energy-efficient operation reduces wear and tear on your systems, lengthening their lifespan. With their remarkable adaptability, they are suitable for diverse pneumatic systems, including packaging machines, conveyance systems, and more.

Are Booster Regulators And Air Compressors The Same?

Booster regulators and air compressors may seem similar, but their roles in pressurization processes are different. 

An air compressor's job is to generate pressurized air from the atmospheric air, acting as the initial source of pressure. Meanwhile, a booster regulator comes into play after the air compressor, taking the pressurized air and boosting it to a higher level as needed for specific applications. They can increase the pressure to as high as 2000 psi, providing a substantial advantage in a variety of situations.

Booster Regulator Series

At Orange Coast Pneumatics, we offer two series of booster regulators: the VBA and the VBAT. 

VBA Series

The VBA series is a line of booster regulators designed to deliver enhanced performance and reliability for your pneumatic systems. Crafted for superior functionality, the VBA series ensures optimal system performance and contributes to the improvement of your operational efficiency. 

This series stands out for its capability to provide rapid, precise changes in pressure, offering both versatility and resilience to match a wide range of industrial applications. From its robust construction to its seamless operation, the VBA series combines advanced design and innovative engineering, making it an ideal choice for businesses that prioritize productivity and precision in their pneumatic systems.

VBAT Series

The VBAT series tanks are designed to work in conjunction with VBA boosters to add a reservoir of higher pressure air to the system. This series is engineered for those who require an extra level of power in their pneumatic systems, effectively amplifying operational productivity and efficiency. 

This series stands out for its exceptional ability to handle higher pressure levels. It exhibits a robust construction coupled with a user-friendly design, making it both durable and easy to use.

Available in carbon or stainless steel, these tanks come in four sizes ranging from 5 to 38 liters in capacity. Models are available to meet various regional pressure vessel regulations.

Get The Perfect Booster Regulator At Orange Coast Pneumatics

Booster regulators are not just useful; they are essential components for any business relying on efficient pneumatic systems to run its operations. They lead to improved efficiency, speed, and reliability - attributes that every professional values.

By choosing Orange Coast Pneumatics as your source of booster regulators, you're opting for both superior quality and cost-effective solutions. Our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and extensive expertise in pneumatic systems make us the ideal partner in your journey towards operational excellence.

Our experts are ready and eager to guide you through the selection process, ensuring you acquire the perfect booster regulator that fits your specific requirements. You can reach out to our team today to get started.

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